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July 24, 2020 by Blog

Why is this the Right Time to Engage Millennials with your Company?

If your company is not designing marketing strategies to attract millennials, know that you are hurting your business. According to a report, millennials are the second-largest generation in the United States. You have to appeal to millennials in a way that is value-driven. Imagine that you are basically contacting people between their 20’s and 30’s. It means they are building careers, setting up households, and starting their own business ventures.

Your customers that come in this under discussion category, they are basically tech-savvy kids who grew up with internet, technology and witnessed transitions till date. This can be your biggest challenge, but you can utilize the same tools to make a successful pitch and boost your business.

If you can demonstrate your brand well and execute the strategy as per their needs or psyche. They can do the marketing for you, through reviews on social media and word of mouth.

Why is it important to Attract Millennials to your Company?

Do you need more customers? Every business and company is looking for customers. But what you actually need is the right kind of loyal customers. The dilemma is that most of the companies and organizations tend to focus on the top of the “buyer’s pyramid.” Which means that they are either reaching out to their existing customer or the ones that are potential and similar to the top 3%. So what is this 3% that all the fuss is about? Let us share an illustration for you to better understand why do you need to appeal to millennials.


The reason that we want you to look away from those top 3% is that there is so much potential to make customers in the middle and bottom of the pyramid. Millennials are educated and aware of the market trends. So they already recognize your sales pitch from miles and can sense what you try to sell to them. However, if you can create value for them in it, showcase them a bit of what you are selling. It is most likely that you will be able to land millions of future customers. Know whats in it for them? Stir their curiosity.

Now, you must be thinking that how can you sell intangible products and services. Well, we do understand that if you are selling a cake. You can always offer bite-sized pieces for them to taste it. Wait a minute, here is the twist. You can let them taste your services. This will leave an impact on them, even if they don’t choose you right away. They will remember to come back to you. The best way to sell to the rest of the “30%” is to show them what you can do for them. So it’s not about telling how good of a javascript development services you have to offer, but tell them the solutions that you can provide for the problems.

So now you know how much market potential is untapped, just because most of the companies tend to apply the same strategy for all customers. Win at engaging millennials and gain a competitive advantage over so many businesses if you can grab the largest living generation.

5 Ways to Win and Engage Millennial Customers

You can boost your sales and drive more profit margins by engaging millennials with your business. Your brand has to earn their trust and loyalty, so it will be easier to market your products or services.  You can do that by getting to know your potential customer market.

So here’s a little attempt from our side, so you can meet your next possible customer.

  1. What sets millennials apart from your regular existing customers? They are looking for quick fixes, rescue solutions, and they already have knowledge about the digital world and technological tools. Some of the customers will tell you what needs to be done. Because they grew up in the age of transition. For you to gain their loyalty, you have to provide value with work, provide them support and solutions at the same time.

  2. It is said that millennials tend to prefer their own needs. The world is working at a really fast pace, so the competition is increasing. For you to stand up among the crowd and attract those who are juggling with multiple things at the same time. Go get them through direct communication and offer “what can I do for you apart from what you asked?” It works like a charm. It shows how much you value their feedback and prioritize talking to them.

  3. Their approach towards getting the work done is more flexible. That’s where you have got the window to do something extra for them. If you have already sealed the deal with them. Throw in some incentives and some extra perks as per your capacity. But, be very sure of what are you offering and to whom?

  4. It is also observed that millennials tend to jump from one place to the other. So keep your services up to date as per industry trends. If you fail to offer them what they can get from somewhere else. Well, that is not good. Why you may ask? Here’s why. Their email inbox, social media accounts, and the phone are stormed with ads from your competitors. So go back a little, and know why they came to you in the first place. It includes, what their business needs at the moment.

  5. As a seller, you need to identify where your target audience of millennials is present. Be very careful about your company’s image on that social media channel, interact and engage them. Yes, gone are the days when you could just offer some Christmas discounts or drop coupons. If you want fast and significant results to increase sales, you need to make concrete efforts. Meet and communicate with your customers from this generation, if you can’t then reach out to them on social media. That is free, isn’t it?

It is human nature to care about rewards and loyalty programs. Then comes the plethora of personalized cutting edge solutions, which is also attractive and no one can deny the fascination. What really works is when millennials keep a close eye on the social engagements and preferences of the company that they choose. For instance, they feel deeply about environmental issues, human rights, and other social causes. They are the young businessmen and entrepreneurs who have done research before coming to you.

engage millenials

Build Relationships with your Millennial Customers

Once the customer contacts you, the ball is in your court. Now, it’s up to you, whether you send them that old repetitive offer or make a new one just for them to feel special. Remember, it’s your brand image that meets them before you do. Make it worth their while and you’ve got a partner for a lifetime!

With so many options available in the market. You need to catch the attention of your customers( that you thought you never had) and make them stay. Do you think? You can make them stay on your website with that attention span of a goldfish. You need more than just social media presence and optimized websites.

Deliver what your Millennial Customer really needs

The first step is to debunk “THE MYTH” about the millennials. Yes, we know that they are often perceived as a “lost generation” or “couch potatoes.” Well, know that your supposedly lazy “couch potatoes” sitting in a studio apartment might be your next potential customer to buy app development services or maybe to hire a remote developer.

Sometimes, we find opportunities in places, where we aren’t looking. So if you want to bring more eyeballs on your website or ROI. The way to go is to include the tactics in your marketing strategy, that we just told you above.

Know who are you talking to?

We understand that it is challenging for traditional companies to adapt to the new and chain market ways. But you have to Go with the Flow! It also applies to the millennial workforce, who can better understand the customers that they are targeting.

So if you are looking for any more information related “advertising or marketing to millennials.” Tell us here!

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