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October 23, 2020 by Blog

What if Zoom goes down? Do you have a backup?

Zoom is something that all of us have used at least once or twice. But, how many times has it given you the annoying “connecting” message as you were quickly trying to enter an online meeting? It is being used by millions of people around the globe, and yet the searches for “how to make the zoom-like app” go up to 760,000,000. Isn’t that mind-blowing?

Seeing the stats above, we decided to venture on a journey to find out solutions, that can be an alternative video conferencing app instead of zoom.

From attending online classes to holding online webinars and virtual meetings, online video conferencing apps are all the rage right now. You can simply sit at a remote place and appear for an interview at zoom just right from your study desk.

That’s what best video conferencing apps are for, better communication, high-quality functionality and ease. But are you satisfied with the tool or app that you are using at the moment?

Hold that thought, lets take a quick trip to know if we have a better solution for you.

Let’s begin!

Nothing is forever – Is zoom going down?

Well, even if people are using an app or solution for the longest time, they would always move on to something better. But only when they are given the option to do so. We want to make one thing clear, we don’t dislike zoom.

But, we won’t mind something way more incredible than this. Are you thinking to switch from skype to zoom? Then check this amazing skype vs zoom comparison to make your move.

That quest led us to the ‘point to ponder’ that why are people searching for something more?

Think, Think!!!

We figured out why. But before we unravel the answer, let’s see if there are any issues faced by zoom users or those replying on video conferencing tools at the moment.

What else do we have besides zoom?

There are multiple options in the market at the moment that can be used besides zoom. It enables you to make a choice and analyze all these video conferencing apps. You can make an informed decision by comparing their features, benefits, and all the control that you will have as a user.

So let’s see what else do we have on our plate besides zoom?

  • Google Meet
  • Skype
  • Microsoft teams
  • Google Duo
  • Whatsapp
  • Facetime

If you are looking for more alternatives, don’t feel shy to ask us in the comments or ping us simply at vteams.

With using paid and free video conferencing apps, every app has its own challenges and shortcomings. As you remember, our first step towards this journey started with one thing. To find a cost-effective solution that won’t break the bank and cater exclusively to our needs. Building your own app will help you achieve those goals.

Time to relax – Why do you need to build your own app like zoom?

We believe that you can have all the benefits that above zoom like video conferencing apps have to offer. Yet, you need a personalized tool of your own to add customized settings and get the most out of it. You can have the freedom to:

  • Hire developer of your choice and remote dedicated team
  • Create an app that fits your organization culture
  • Add personalized features to attain more benefit
  • Secure your data and avoid risks
  • Protect your video conferencing app from hackers
  • Develop as per your idea and vision
  • update it on regular basis as per latest trends
  • Build on budget and get cost-effective solutions
  • Save your time, effort, and resources

Living in such a fast-moving world, who would constantly go and do renewals of subscriptions? But, when you have the blessing of an in-house video conferencing app, you don’t rely on zoom or any other option. Those will be an alternative option, that you can use occasionally.

Don’t miss out – Build your own video conferencing app

It is so rightly said that you should never leave anything to chance. It should be written as a bible law, that you have to have your own video conferencing app. The best thing is to use it without any hesitation, safeguard your data and company activity. Moreover, you won’t have to feel embraced in-front of the client, if the zoom goes down during a remote virtual meeting.

Do you have any incredible idea for a video conferencing app? Well, then don’t wait before someone else does it. Transform it into reality and as we are on the topic of building remarkable projects. Build your own app like zoom or even better and host all the webinars, conferencing, setup meetings without hassle and worry.

Apps don’t make themselves – Get moving!

If yo u have any query related to video conferencing tools to solutions. Feel free to ask Nextbridge experts.

Which one is your favorite tool for video calls and virtual meetings?

Leave us your valuable answer in the comment section below.

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