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January 15, 2021 by Blog

Text on the Web – It’s not just words (2)

The internet is a fascinating place to find information, statistics, products & services. You use it in a quest for knowledge, to socialize, to manage your finances, to shop online; these are just some of the many ways but there is so much more to it.

For the reason that you can only find such information either on websites, PDF documents, PowerPoint, and slides; in short, each material is made available on the internet in ‘text’.

To continue our previous discussion about ‘text on the web,’ our today’s talk will pretty much cover why website content writing and styling hold supreme value.

Website content marketing is a tricky business to offer people what they want and quickly deliver it. That is what the internet is all about. Websites are composed of several elements, but our talk will specifically cover why is the text so important for your website? Why do you need to choose your words wisely? Is the text just a text? No!

Websites are made up of many elements, but we’re going to talk about ‘text’ right now. Specifically, we are going to discuss the importance of text for your website, exploration of different areas for text display, and the sort of text types you can use.

Why do you think text can be important for your website? Do you believe the right content can provoke readers to contact you? Do you approve of the idea that search engines display information related to what is being searched online? That’s exactly why you need website content marketing. That’s exactly why the text holds a higher rank.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are a random user searching for an XYZ company that can provide you XYZ services. You head to the most popular search engine on the internet that is Google and search if there exists such a company. Google displays the results and comes up with numerous sites that support what you need.

Landing on the wrong website that is probably relevant to what you are looking for but isn’t well set out and doesn’t grab your attention immediately can cost you time. What will be your swift action? Hitting the ‘back’ button of course. If we were you, we would do the same.

The optimum quality of your text is extremely crucial to your business. It’s the unit of construction for your website content marketing; remember what we told you in the beginning. ‘It’s all about the text but the text on your website is not just words.’ Those words sell; your products are sold, you earn revenue.

Too often when you talk about building a website, you fail to evaluate the preferences of your potential customers that are going to land on that website. How do you start your conversation with your development team? Do you say ‘I want my new website to be aesthetically appealing’ or ‘my new website has to be responsive.’ The second one is the best way? In the end, it’s not about you it’s about your customer, always.

Have you been paying attention to frequent rumors about the end of written content? Digital experts are spreading news like sooner or later videos will take over texts. Undoubtedly, video media has its presence but do you not notice even videos need text to support ‘subtitles’?

There was a time when people used to go to libraries to physically scan through dozens of books to gain an education. But now they want material served on a shiny platter with stats dripped on top to leave some authentic tastes in their mouth.

As per website content marketing stats, blogs are among the main three forms of media used in content strategies, today. Companies spend 46% of their budget on content creation, currently. So, ask us how do you make your content hop, skip, and dance?

Website Content Marketing: Styling on the text

To explain what styling on the text mean when you design website content, you choose to use all-capped font someplace within the text pages. Are you aware that all caps have their language, a set time, and a place to use? Otherwise, there is a lack of maturity in the text. You use the all-capped font to make the reader understand your sarcasm, emphasize a specific word that needs their attention, or puns in general.

So, in website content marketing, you would want to potentially look at the text styling choices in a web design to see how it leaves an impact on people’s perception of your brand. This is what stats say, all-capped letters are read 9.5% to 19% more leisurely. Despite this understanding that all-caps is difficult to decipher, still, numerous designs continue to use them as header text. Why can’t your font type speak for your header text?

This is what modern readers perceive from the excessive use of CAPS LOCK!

This is just one scenario, weak font choices and typography misuse can leave a bad impression on your customer’s mind. To know more about the type of fonts to use for website content marketing, you can review series 1 of ‘text on web: it’s not just words.”

You must have established the understanding that all-capped text is not necessarily limited to header text, let us show you how you can play with it in website content marketing from an SEO perspective.

Wrapping up

We truly and deeply believe that text will stay forever in website content marketing. The most important thing to bear in mind is that texts can be modernized and improved. This is a misconception about image and video campaigns; let’s face it, an uploaded video can only be taken down but a text can be updated even after 5 years.

“… And texts are the hot spots of language: concentrations of linguistic productivity, forms of language that have been marked out to command heightened attention – and sometimes to stimulate intense excitement, provoke admiration and desire, or be the mainstay of memory.”

Karen Barber, in The Anthropology of Texts, Persons and Publics

If you focus on the above-given information, the text has grown and will keep on evolving till the end. Our opinion is that you sync with your customer’s minds and keep on adapting to their ongoing demands. Again to remind you, this is the second series of ‘text on the web’, there is more to convey to you about the text for website content marketing, so stay tuned!



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