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January 20, 2021 by Blog

Text on the Web- It’s not just Words (3)

What is the fancy way to keep someone interested in your website? How to add striking colors and fonts to grab the user’s attention? We have pretty much covered these two areas in our previous series. In case you are new to this blog, we have shared the links right here for your convenience.

1- Text on the Web – It’s not just words

Text on the Web

2- Text on the Web – It’s not just words (2)

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We are starting today’s conversation with the biggest question you might need an answer to – how to run a content audit? How to know that you have created good content for your website? A lot of you are already aware of what it takes to build interactive content.

But, what if the content is good but you are not gaining enough traffic? What if there is absolutely no increase in traffic and no activity to be found?

The answer to your query is, you can conduct an audit to check the readability score anytime to know how well your content is performing. You can improve your future campaigns, keep track of your content that is in any format either a blog post, web page, social media, etc.


An investigation shared by Drum speaks, the annual growth rate of content marketing would hike by $217.3 billion by 2021. If companies are spending this much money on this business they must think of how to organize it.

We know you’re missing out on arranging a content audit. Let’s help you understand what it is and how to excellently tackle it.

You know content audit is one tedious and solid job anyone can ask you to perform but it can prove to be pretty advantageous for your traffic growth. Primarily, a content audit can help you gather notes of the areas on your website that are not properly systematized and not SEO optimized. Secondarily, it can inform you about what blog post needs your attention or re-work.

A content audit is an activity performed to analyze all of your web content counting blog posts, landing pages, and compile them into a big list. You get insights into duplication, content that needs an update, little re-work, and can be deleted or re-written.

Can you remember the last time when you performed an audit? You are not the only one if you forgot because several copywriters are focused on writing only but neglect to execute an audit.

There is no right or wrong way to perform a content audit, you adapt your style to do it. You can choose one page to start with and then dive into the whole site content to collect information. It is a scary concept because a lot of times it involves deleting content, content that you may find right but it’s not. For example; if you prune around a few pages, you may see an increase in organic traffic.


How to know if your content is performing well on a micro and macro level? A content audit is the only defined way to find it out. We can’t blame you, it does seem a scary task to accomplish. Hundred to thousand in content is published on your website, it wouldn’t take a week but just a few days to analyze and find errors. The given above guidelines can help you achieve the desired you just have to follow them religiously.

1- Identify your main goal

The best way to refresh your audit focus is to execute as per your desired goal; either you want to hold a website audit or an article/blog audit.

2- A website audit

A website audit is a complete examination of your website; to look for aspects that can improve your site’s research visibility in search engine pages. It offers a chance to check the voice, tone, and style of your site. Not having an established voice can never display your organization’s mission, key messages, and values.

As the content voice speaks on your behalf; you must use an authoritative/formal tone that portrays a sense of professionalism also influence your clients to connect with you. Use some empathetic brand content messages as well to create a well-defined voice.

Your primary focus must be to re-work the website’s content, user experience, and design.

Why conduct a website audit?

Thomas emphasized maintenance in this way, he said “there’s birth, there’s death, and in between there is maintenance.” Likewise, your goal is to offer what’s latest, and what’s best possible for your visitors.

  1. Only relevant and up-to-date information can bring you leads. To keep your conversions high, regular website maintenance is what you need to do
  2. Your solution is not the only solution for customers; to turn curious visitors into customers must be your end goal. You have to make Google understand that your site is the optimum solution for those searching for a reliable source
  3. We are prone to making mistakes. Can’t help it. Regular audits can catch errors that you sometimes fail to identify

How to conduct a website audit?

Let’s dive right into this part:

  1. You must conduct a monthly content audit to proof-read the whole website’s content including blogs/articles
  2. You must conduct a yearly content audit to satisfy your over-all SEO strategy
  3. Use Google Analytics to stay a step ahead of the problems. You must review the stats on a day-to-basis to check if you’re losing or gaining customers
  4. Identify, check, and fix the broken links
  5. Either you can break the content audit process into multiple steps i.e. you can audit a certain number of pages or check all your entire website content at once


Commit to continual optimization if you want your website to serve you for the greater good. You need to frequently review your site analytics, pinpoint flaws as per your intuition, make opportunities as per your knowledge, and gather customer feedback. Undoubtedly, content audit for maintenance will remain a part of your business; there’s no omission.

Starting from our series 1 of ‘text on the web’ where we spoke about the impact of website content marketing, we taught how to add maturity in the text, where to introduce emphasis, and then prettily covered styling on the web.

Our series 2 educated the concept of Readability and Web Typography as the two most significant aspects of designing a website to grasp the entire attention of the readers. Today you end up on our last series where you get to know how to run a content audit, and why is it necessary.

Hopefully, we communicated to you the skill you probably didn’t know of or maybe neglected all your life. Our guide reveals some important lessons that can unquestionably permit you to experience end-results that were mysterious to you.

We would like to take a moment to inform you about UI/UX as this element is crucial to a product. In an industry where there’s a lot of competition, impeccable and responsive design is the demand of every client. We invite you to work with us as we are a web design and UI design service provider. Instant help can be offered to create a long-lasting effect on your potential audience.



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