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October 7, 2020 by Blog

Top 5 Websites that offer Online Coding Courses

Learning never stops and there is a recent surge in the trend to learn through online coding courses. Many websites offer online coding courses because coding is going to be the future. You can leverage this to enhance your own skills, and people willing to sell their courses can build their own websites.

Why do we need to give importance to online coding courses?

Let’s become very clear, gone are the days when coding and programming courses were only limited to IT and software geeks. Many companies are ready to hire programmers and developers, so if you can code then there are many remote opportunities. Learning coding will equip you with the skills to get the most advantage in the future concerning professional benefits and getting into the It ecosystem.

Imagine, if you don’t know the basics of code. How would you manage and strategize for a team that is purely technical? We are not just talking about those websites claiming to make you coder overnight. It doesn’t happen like that, you have to put a consistent effort in order to dominate the battlefield. The competition is high for businesses, remote engineering companies, and online developers.

So what do we do to get the most benefit?

You learn because it is the most important tool at your disposal to get what you desire. you’d be surprised to know, that many people are selling online courses. The online learning and E-learning system has shifted from traditional to these latest means. Websites with online courses are becoming more popular, that [provide you with the advantage to learn anything from anywhere and anytime!

How cool is that? Well, so let’s jump into it and explore the most awesome website that is not only popular among students but learners from all walks of life.

Here you go…

Online Coding Courses – Meet the future

Here are the top 5 websites to learn code:

1- Codeacademy

It is one of the most popular websites to learn web development, coding, programming, and data science. You can get access to the best courses with just a simple sign up. The best thing about this website is that they offer you different pricing packages depending upon your budget.

You can learn the top programming languages and technologies such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and python. Are you ready to code? See it here!

2- Coursera

Coursera is a remarkable website for online coding courses because it offers certificates after the completion of courses. It is also important to mention that some of the highly professional courses add so much value, and you can also pay the fee to get the certification from renowned universities. Many universities have collaborated with this platform to provide a great reach to learners and educators.

From basic coding concepts to advance courses, you can get hands-on the latest online courses concerning programming and coding.

Are you looking for the best online courses? Start learning today!

3- Nextbridge Institute

It is an institute that offers the best programming and coding courses in the latest technology stack. It is vital to mention that communication skills courses are also part of the curriculum. You have the liberty to enroll in any offered courses that you want. If you are currently looking for online courses such as Microservices, MERN Stack or you have any other queries.

Learn from the top industry experts, Nextbridge Institute is a unique platform to offer blended learning and a modern approach to teach online courses.

Learn from anywhere at your own pace.

4- Udemy

This online platform for learning is doing an outstanding job because it offers courses to inculcate skills in individuals and make them ready for a wonderful future. Many people have gained skills and knowledge from these online courses. However, some courses are paid and you have to pay the fee. You can explore the website to find free online coding courses as well such as courses to learn Django, Python Frameworks, APIs, HTML, CSS and so much more.

From design to development, find anything on Udemy!

5- edX

An online platform that is currently providing access to more than 2500 courses from the world’s best 140 educational institutions. This seems great, especially for an online website to make a name in such a competitive market. When names like MIT and Harvard are associated, you should be sure to learn something awesome that too coding.

Do you want to explore it more? Take a tour!

You can always explore other options for online coding courses or even if you are looking for inspiration. MIT OpenCourseWare is also considered to be a credible source for online courses and a great way to get the best subject matter.

Build your own website to sell online coding courses

The possibilities are endless whether it’s about developing your own website to sell online courses or develop a mobile app to reach more learners across the globe. It is an undeniable fact that online learning is the future and we need to move as the wind moves.

Do you have an idea that you want to transform into reality? Let’s hear it!

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