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February 3, 2021 by Blog

The Solitude and Loneliness in Online Learning

Solitude can be liberating and it can also turn into loneliness. Humans are inherently connected and they crave another human being’s presence. Online learning platforms are offering ease and convenience but most of them forget to realize the strong impact of ‘face to face educational environment.’

A survey was conducted related to the online learning experience that revealed that approximately 70% of the online students felt lonely due to varying reasons concerning social isolation. Therefore, we wanted to explore the subject further in order to know whether it’s solitude or loneliness. But what if it is loneliness? How do we cope up with this rising ride?

Let’s find out together!

The Spaces Between us- Online Learning

Imagine, the world was crumbling to pieces and you had no idea. For an instant think of yourself sitting in the middle of an isolated desert and sitting on your desk with a screen and your mobile phone. My question to you is, for how long can you bear this? You don’t have to answer it right away but take all the time to think. Meanwhile, we can explore what online learners have to go through including facing loneliness.

The Spaces Between us- Online Learning

Loneliness can drain us of energy and can have undesired consequences, however many people argue that solitude can help you highlight many positive impacts. Karen Gibbs states the same in her book ‘ A Gallery of Scrapbook Creations’ and it goes like this:

“Solitude is addictive. Being alone, but not lonely, is peaceful and inspiring. It gives you the strength to go back and deal with all the nonsense. ”

It can happen that your best ideas come to you when you sit in solitude to contemplate and think more about them. But first things first, let’s explore why is everyone talking about ‘loneliness in online learning?

Unravel the Truth behind Online Learning Platforms

A global surge in the online learning platform is not hidden from anyone. It has become more popular because it helps people to access online and remote learning programs from all over the world. However, there are important factors and consequences being ignored by people.

Unravel the Truth behind Online Learning Platforms

Not to sound cynical but there has been a search trend on the internet that showcases how online learners feel lonely and distant. It can lead to negative effects. It is the truth behind the remote learning experience. But it is not something that is permanent, however online learning is here to stay. But you can take a strategic approach to combat the challenges.

Online Learning – A Ride into Solitude or Loneliness?

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to learning because this experience continues for life. However, in today’s age and time we need to be flexible and adaptable in order to adjust to the changing times. The remote learning experience can be an interesting but bumpy ride because you have to make a shift from a classroom setup to a virtual zoom room.

Without further ado, let’s explore more!

  • Bridging Geographical Barriers in Solitude – You can sit in the far corner of the world, and yet stay connected through remote learning. Online conferencing tools and web conferencing are playing an integral role and yet they are unable to replace the powerful impact of the physical learning atmosphere.
  • Teaching and Learning through Technology – Feels like a dystopian movie, doesn’t it? Sitting for hours in front of a screen and despite spending this much screen time, you are unable to focus 100%. Now that is a heavy price to pay for those eyebags and dark circles. That pushes you further into the feeling of alienation even though you have social media platforms and messenger apps to talk to peers or friends.
  • No Strings Attached with Learning – It is a source of great satisfaction ease for online learners that they have the liberty to sit in their bedroom and learn at their own pace. When it is giving an excellent experience to many, it is also causing a source of escape for many. Because they think that there are no strings attached and they are not bound to anything.
  • Life on the other side – Online learning is a lonely experience because you are not having that much exposure to communicate and collaborate with peers or students. Moreover, you have a lack of routine, personal responsibilities, and other distractions that can cause you to remain excluded. External factors and the FEAR OF MISSING OUT (FOMO) can scare people off.

Adapting to the best video conferencing sites and platforms won’t cut it anymore, you have to revisit the curriculum, teaching instructional practices, and make the needed amendments.

So are you ready to embark on that journey?

Online Learning – A Journey of a Solo Learner

You now have a pretty much clear idea about an online learner who is also termed as a ‘solo learner’ and ‘part-time learner.’ They are already dealing with social isolation, which means that they are already vulnerable. But the pressure of online learning can cause stress for them.

So if you are one of those people who are continually struggling to study through online learning. This is where the role of online instructors and institutes becomes crucial. These institutes need to provide an open platform and an environment for the students so that they don’t escape but rather would be interested to learn.

Not everyone has the adaptability to become an autonomous learner. There is no harm in needing a ‘little push’ to get started. Therefore in order to learn online skills courses, choose the institute that not only offers a virtual facility but helps you adjust to it.

Are you someone who is looking for online learning opportunities?

Well, suit up, because you look your best before meeting the instructors of your choice.