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September 25, 2020 by Blog

The Art of Backlinks – Reaching out to High DA Websites

So, you heard backlinks are a must for SEO?

You aren’t the first one!

You started looking for ways to build backlinks for your website but you stumbled on a little problem.

Your website’s DA is bad.

Your website doesn’t have content that even you would read.

To make things worse, your competitors are light years ahead!

We’re not going to kid around and console you for a second as we know that getting backlinks today is an art. In order to get high quality backlinks a strategy must be formulated to get the best out of your time.

Today’s SEO is different from what it was even a year ago and Google’s algorithm keeps asking for more intuitive ways to help users. This is where you need to be extra careful as to avoid demotion of your website because you try to trick Google, you’ll lose everything.

Today’s blog looks at how to get high quality backlinks in 2020. Getting high quality backlinks is a bit like asking Batman to kill the Joker. It’s a hard thing to do and takes time and strategy. However, it can be done, and here’s how you do it!

What are High Quality Backlinks?

It’s natural to ask the question that what even is a high quality backlink and what makes it so special? Well, for one a high quality backlink does way more for your website as compared to a low one. In fact, a low quality backlink might damage your rankings. In order to better understand what a high quality backlink is we need to understand the following concepts:

High Domain Authority Websites:

DA or Domain Authority is a metric devised by Moz to measure a website’s power of getting ranked high. A website is ranked between 1-100 and 100 indicating the best DA possible. There are plenty of tools you can use to check a website’s authority. If you’re just starting out with your website, your DA will naturally be low so you need to find websites that have a higher DA then yours. For example, we can take Entrepreneur as it’s a pretty popular website with huge traffic:

So, as we can see Entrepreneur’s DA is 92 which is quite high. This means getting a backlink from such a website will be highly beneficial for your website.

How to Approach High DA Websites?

There’s no hard and fast rule on how to approach high DA websites. In fact, at times you’re not even approaching high DA websites but still you manage to get high quality backlinks. One of the best ways to do this is the fact that you focus on creating content that’s well formatted and provides users a way to solve their problems. This is how you get noticed as well, create content that’s not out there and you will get noticed.

Link Building Strategies:

Your link building strategy must first distinguish on the websites you’re targeting. One major difference is that you need to get do-follow backlinks as compared to no-follow. Do-follow backlinks can be followed by Google to reach your website. This is how you get recognized. Also, as a general rule make a detailed list of websites that are relevant to your niche with high DA.

1- Create Content That’s Compelling:

It goes without saying that content that’s compelling will rank high. Many people think that a written blog with a standard featured image can get ranked high, however this rarely happens. Here’s a general rule on how you can create content that’s compelling and checks out all the parameters:

Using Keywords:

For websites that are just starting out, it’s important that long-tail keywords should be used. Long-tail keywords are search terms that have low search volume but targeting them alone can get you in front of curious eyes.

Readability & On-Page SEO:

Your blogs shouldn’t use jargon and must be readable for all ages. No need to use fancy words that will just make things complicated and reduce readability. For On-Page SEO, you can download Yoast or RankMath that can help you out in On-Page SEO.

The above image shows a preview of how Rank Math indicates if your content is good to go!

2- Build PR:

Like any business, an online business also requires you to build PR with online bloggers and journalists. If you’re able to build a certain PR, then you can get high quality backlinks with ease.

Bloggers & Journalists:

Okay so, bloggers & journalists are important and you need to maintain a relationship with them. Simply, go to websites and check contributors or authors. You will easily find email addresses and now you can contact them. However, this is where you should be extremely careful. Don’t ever spam them or suggest directly that you’re looking for a backlink. Instead, give them any constructive feedback and add in a little hint so that they can refer to your website next time.

Maintain a Database:

Once you start finding relevant people in your niche, you must invest a bit of time into maintaining a database. The thing is, it’s going to get clustered for you once you start sending out emails. Use this data to filter the kind of responses you’re getting in return to your emails. You’ll see a pattern that fits best according to your niche.

3- Content Formats

We keep on mentioning content because it has multiple dimensions to it. One of the dimensions is that of content formatting. Every piece of content you create must be formatted for best SEO practices.

Create Ultimate Guides:

Ever noticed there are so many guides out there to tutor you? Well, it’s because Google wants content that’s user-centric and ultimate guides are the perfect way to provide user centrism. Everyone needs help in things and if you create content that can help, Google will reward you. This is also beneficial if you’re looking to get high-quality backlinks as other websites might refer to your website.

Word Count & Other Elements:

The truth is simple five hundred words with fluff language doesn’t work. You need to make sure that the content you’re producing is up to par with the competition. Word count matters because Google does consider how much detail are we going into and whether the detail is helpful or not. To compete with the word length trend you can install plugins that can help you identify word count on certain blogs. Various other elements such as Table of Contents, image placement, use of infographics, and even creative ways to interlink your website can help immensely in SEO.

In a Nutshell:

In order to get backlinks from high DA websites, one must look towards a holistic approach towards their website and how it’s presented. Content should be created with a creative flair and using stunning visuals can further strengthen your case. If you’re looking for plugins to help you strengthen your case then don’t hesitate to contact us!



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