We are not general purpose do-it-all company. Our Organization is sum of numerous small speciality divisions whose members are masters of one subject area. These speciality divisions are made around following technologies:


Most of our PHP engineers are masters of their trade with a lot of real-world project development experience. Besides native PHP, we have completed hundreds of projects working in frameworks like Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Magento and Zen Cart.


With 18 years of experience and hundreds of .NET projects completed, our development abilities permit our clients to safely trust us with their most complex .NET projects. We developed our first ASP software in 1997 when the official specs for ASP were not even published by Microsoft.

Ruby on Rails

We are not just a programming services company. In reality, we are a product development company which also sells programming services. For our internal and external products, we have repeatedly chosen the ROR over other technologies and learned a lot from that experience.

Python Django

Python is the second most powerful programming language that was ever invented. And Django is the most prevalent framework for Python. Django may not be as beautiful as Python, but it’s powerful, and we have some damn good engineers who know it inside-out.


We love taking ideas and transforming them into real applications. We have a separate vertical for iPhone and Android programming. It has its own mobile-centric programmers, designers and SQA professionals to bring state of the art business apps and 2D games to life.


ROS has enabled companies to come up with their innovative software packages for professional and domestic robots. We are the first and only company in Pakistan having ROS programmers on board, working with partners in U.S. and China.

Big Data Analytics

Our Data Scientists analyze large volumes of data and help organizations uncover hidden patterns in their market trends, customer preferences and other useful business info which traditional BI software easily ignore.


We employ specialized firmware architects, experienced in developing our internal and customers’ embedded systems. Our core competency is completing the job we started. Besides developing new systems from scratch, we have also fixed numerous firmware developed by others.