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August 5, 2020 by Blog

Your Future Smartphone in 2030

It is interesting to wonder what Alexander Graham Bell would choose as an app on his Apple iPhone if he were alive today. Snapchat? LOL and beyond! He would be astonished at just how his mobile invention became a part of your daily lives. The cutting-edge smartphone technology has fully rejuvenated the way personal communication...

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July 27, 2020 by Blog

10 Incredible Examples of AI use for the Betterment of the World

Companies are always on the look for futuristic investment. Nowadays, we hear a lot about machine learning and AI ( artificial intelligence). So we thought that since everyone is going crazy about these awesome technologies, that will change the world. Why not explore a little more about its real-world applications? We all want to make...

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July 24, 2020 by Blog

Why is this the Right Time to Engage Millennials with your Company?

If your company is not designing marketing strategies to attract millennials, know that you are hurting your business. According to a report, millennials are the second-largest generation in the United States. You have to appeal to millennials in a way that is value-driven. Imagine that you are basically contacting people between their 20’s and 30’s....

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July 20, 2020 by Blog

4 Best Ways to Build Security in IoT Development

In the rush to deliver more products to the market, several manufacturers traded off IoT devices security. In current times, many users are concerned and prioritize security as their biggest fear is letting businesses use their personal information. The implementation of the GDPR act has impacted highly in the cause. According to this law, businesses...

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