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October 22, 2021 by Blog

Computer vision: Booster Dose to Automation

What are computer vision applications in daily life? Where is computer vision used in real life? Our read comprises a comprehensive listing of novel, relevant computer vision applications in pre-eminent industries in 2022. Other than this, you are going to learn about computer vision: a modern approach to information tech. Computer Vision a Modern Approach...


June 25, 2021 by Blog

Are you a T-Shaped Developer?

Who is a T-shaped developer? And what are the characteristics of a T-shaped professional? The T-shaped is nothing but a metaphor representing an individual who is highly effective in a work environment, compassionate, show alert competence, and has a clear understanding. A T-shaped professional is solution-oriented, sapient, and sensible enough. He walks into the shoes...

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June 17, 2021 by Blog

Finney: The Very First Blockchain-enabled Smartphone

How do blockchain-enabled smartphones work? Is Sirin Finney a good investment? HTC’s Exodus blockchain-enabled smartphone was launched on October 19, 2019. The strategy of keeping this cell phone different from android ones was to keep your cryptocurrency safe. But, is this crypto-focused smartphone really a good investment? I say it is worth it! Yet, Exodus...

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June 4, 2021 by Blog

What do Engineers do after Retirement?

What can retired engineers do? Do you have any tips for retired engineers? At what age do most engineers retire? But, my question is, do they retire? Let’s talk about the endgame of engineers! What if you are an engineer and you get older, would you apply for a position unhesitatingly? I know you would...