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November 6, 2020 by Blog

Social Gaming – How it Ties Communities

We have all seen an emergence of a thing called ‘social gaming’ as a brand new concept. Even though it doesn’t have a defined meaning but there is one as per us. We outline social gaming as ‘gaming where there’s a strong social element.’

Do you know in 2009, Farmville was one of the most loved games on Facebook? Surprisingly, even after 11 years, the game has not failed to meet its user’s expectations. Its sequel 2, by some means, could not collect much success but what happened to Farmville? Why is it not common anymore?

Our today’s dialogue is certainly not going to be about Farmville but we did raise a valid concern, didn’t we? We are going to talk heart-to-heart about why social gaming is remarkable, and how it ties communities?

Can’t stop thinking about the decline of Farmville? Well, Farmville could be played on Facebook only but you know how common smartphone apps have become; this usage became the cause of the decline.

They say ‘Gamers are entering a New Era of Monetization.’ Presently, there are 2.4 billion games worldwide. It is assumed that blockchain tech will unravel the chances for them to become creators, entrepreneurs, and service providers. The figures are fascinating; the number of mobile games enlarged by a tremendous 42% from February to March this year, globally. By 2022, 45.9% of the inhabitants will be mobile gamers.

If you look at the top 10 game sales in the US, the number one no wonder is ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ which is a first-person shooter game, and ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ comes as the second-selling game from 2010 through the end of 2019 in the United States which is an action-adventure game. This demonstrates that gaming is certainly broadening.

The Power of Truly Social Gaming

What do you perceive when you talk about the world in general? For the vast majority of humans, the world has been perceived as being very large. But due to the unprecedented developments in all the areas of science & technology, because of the constant demand for more sophisticated and diversified types of software; you now perceive the world as being virtually as small as it could ever get.

Certainly, many of you are already acquainted with social games. How many of you have essentially played some of them? If yes, do you not have faith like us that games have the power to do so much more than just providing entertainment? Allow us to explain.

Owing to the rising concerns about some influences of social gameplay among troupes; a study speaks that gaming significantly forms online communities. They use play as a medium of building relationships that can often last a lifetime.

Living a lonely life?

Have you ever wondered why everyone is fond of playing Ludo STAR Game? Amusingly, plenty of users like to play it because it’s their childhood game. People have been sharing their experiences on Twitter and Facebook and trust us, these are hilarious yet too cute to handle.

Your children love Fornite, are you aware? They devote more and more time occupied in the game realm. Shockingly, the single-game has connected more than 125 million people, reportedly 3.4 million play it once-a-month.

Wrapping Up

Research put forward that social gaming is all the rage for the reason that it is used for short episodes of stress relaxation and disruption. Those who are eaten up by boredom adopt social gaming to escape the cycle of monotony.

Plenty of people are joining the craze. You will be amazed to hear that people are finding love on the internet. Mr. Turner a 27-year old computer programmer and Miss Teather, a 29-year old design graduate became the second couple in Britain to say “I do” after meeting in a video game in 2011.

A 22-year-old university student named Liu Feng from Beijing found his significant other on the internet and got married in the year 2017.

“Although we do not get to see each other in person, we have a relationship as sweet or even sweeter, because we rarely fight.”



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