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October 8, 2021 by Blog

Smart Technology for Seniors Citizens

What technology is best for seniors? How do you teach the elderly to use technology for their safety? How can smart homes help the elderly?

I am catering to all your elderly concerns in this blog. You can learn how technology for seniors is impactful.

Technology for Seniors

Some seniors show interest in the latest technologies and feel eager to use them to compete with their grandchildren. They learn because they want to feel independent, healthier, safer, enjoyable, and want to live an easier life.

Technology for Seniors

Though there is a notable digital difference between younger and older people, many above the age of 60 can be seen discovering the benefits of technology.

“Hey Alexa, play classical music,” says my grandfather, a man in his 70s.

My grandfather is 75 years old, but he has a Facebook account, prefers to text me on skype, stay active on Twitter to know news bulletin, and sometimes listen to music on YouTube.

He’s not the only one, a lot of elders in my family are fond of voice assistants.

Do you think that your seniors struggle with technology?

We are helping elderly with technology.

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Let’s tell you about some smart home products for seniors.

Smart home products for seniors

Eurostat says that in the EU, 86-87 percent of people aged 75 years and over have never used online podiums.

Elderly people usually struggle with technology, find it troublesome to keep up with fast-paced tech. But you want them to participate in mainstream technology. You want to build a safe home for elders.

Smart home products for seniors

Smart home technology includes various features that are quite beneficial for seniors. It includes automation of appliances, thermostats, security systems (burglar alarms, video doorbells), and air quality.

There are 5 new types of technology for seniors that can help them live happier and healthier lives.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation)
  2. GrandaPad
  3. Nest Doorbell
  4. Fitbit Versa 3
  5. Hero digital pill dispenser

I talked about smart home trends in my previous blog. Discussed what’s now and what’s next in the smart home sector. You can visit and learn a great deal about them.

Benefits of technology for seniors

There are several ways of helping elderly with technology in maintaining a simpler and more fulfilled life. Below are the few main benefits of technology for seniors.

1- Entertainment

Are you a retired officer? Do you feel alone or missing someone’s company? Now you can have entertainment simply by relying on smart technologies.

You can watch high-quality movies on your smart LED and enjoy TV streaming. Now everything is in your hands, tap a button on your smartphone or call Alexa to play something for you.

2- Socialization

Are you lonely or missing your homies? Having problems in connecting with your siblings, grandchildren, and other family members? Relax, smart home products for seniors are here to maintain your connectivity with your family members.

Benefits of technology for seniors

Rely on tablets and smartphones because they are easy-to-use devices. They display larger buttons and brighter screens specifically for visually impaired elders. Now send text, email, voice recordings, pictures, video messages or enjoy someone’s company through video calls.

3- Safety

Are you afraid of a robbery? There’s no need to get afraid. Use personal monitoring devices to maintain safety. You can call the police, rescuers, or your close family member with a simple tap.

4- Convenience

Are you tired of visiting markets, workshops, pharmacies, or restaurants? Smart technology for seniors is here to ease you all the time. You can shop your groceries, garments, spare parts, smartphones, tablets, etc just with a few taps. Everything is delivered within a few minutes, and you have to receive your goodies while sitting on your couch.

How are Smart Home Products helpful for seniors?

Do you want to know how smart home products are helpful for your seniors? Are you inquiring whether your investment in a smart home is worthy or not? Here’s your answer, Smart home products for seniors are helpful in the following ways:

1- Daily routine

Being in your late 70’s, it is quite difficult to manage. But smart home products are convenient to make your daily life easier. You can set devices according to your preferences and schedule them for different purposes. It allows you to set medicine reminders, prayer alarms, grandchildren’s birthdays, dim your light through hallways, call someone for coffee, order anything you want to buy, etc.

2- Hands-free control

Are you diagnosed with arthritis or witness someone in your family? Start relying on smart tech devices that allow you to rely on hands-free or voice controllers to make your daily tasks less stressful.

3- Rely on Smart home hub

A smart home hub is a smart speaker that can be controlled through your smartphones. It acts like Amazon Echo or Google Home and permits different features like minimizing frustration for less comfortable apps.

You can have the following benefits from the smart home hub.

  • Set reminders for your medicines and appointments
  • Answer questions
  • Share recipes
  • Call loved ones and caregivers
  • Activate smart devices
  • Play music, news, and audiobooks

Make your home tidy and comfortable

Are you tired of cleaning your home by yourself? Are you tired of managing brooms or mops?

A Few smart home devices make aging more convenient and reliable.

1. Robot vacuum

A robot vacuum is your day-to-day assistant for cleaning and making your living place hygienic. This futuristic device can easily sweep, clean, and suck everything from different types of floors like tiles, hardwood, carpet, etc.

2. Smart home features for older people

There are various features of smart homes specifically for older people to improve their health and lifestyle. Following are the smart home features:

Smart home features for older people

  • Video door entry systems allow residents, see their video and remotely open the door.
  • The lighting of your room gets automated according to the availability of guests
  • An increased number of robots assists you around the house
  • Medical monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, soiling, etc.
  • Bed and chair occupancy sensors to provide early warning if your resident that does not return on time
  • Personal alarms

Wrapping up

After facing the current situation of panic, it is suggested to rely on smart homes. Your lives get improved with the help of home-based assistive technologies, and older people experience the benefits of positive aging.

Are you confused about investing in your homes to make them smart?

Contact us now as Nextbridge has hired a competent team of engineers to assist you with this. We can design applications and smart home products for seniors.

Our priority is to turn your ideas into reality.

The time has come to manage your home using AI and IoT.

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