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October 14, 2020 by Blog

Smart Restaurants – The future of Digital Dine Out

Do you know? The latest digital dine out survey revealed that the money spent by an American household on takeouts + dining accumulates for $3000 per year. With the rise of smart restaurant technology, it has become more prevalent that people tend to order online rather than just cooking at home.

It is not shocking, but rather connects the dots with the increase in the use of technology. A person who is spending 5.4 – 5.7 hours on his mobile phone, jumping from one app to another. It highly likely that they would prefer takeout, maybe a food ad intrigued them.

We all have those guilty pleasures to binge-watch our favorite shows, when food apps and online deliveries come to rescue during those odd hours. Its a blessing, that has turned into a necessity. The circle of 9-5 really tests our limit and as are on your way home from work. Ever notice, how you surprisingly find yourself in Mcdonald’s or Burger King’s drive-thru, and that saves a lot of time and effort. I know that feeling!

Aren’t you even a little bit jazzed to discover the link between smart restaurants and technology?

Let’s jump in without any delay!

Are you curious to know about smart restaurants?

Automation at the operational and functional level to use technology and improve customer service. This is also termed as smart restaurant technology, digital dine out, and smart dining, whatever you’d like to call it. Let’s simplify the definition, so basically, restaurants will use technology for a better dine out online ordering, or takeaway experience.

It can be anything starting from your journey to scroll through those yelp reviews and then finally reserving a table at your favorite Michelin star restaurant or a coffee cafe. You go there just in time and sit at your reserved table, and you instantly receive a notification about your food to arrive in exactly 10min.

Wait, that is not even the best part. As you are waiting, instantly a notification pops up telling you to avail a free drink, because it’s your 3rd visit. If that is not a remarkable customer service to retain customers, I don’t know what is?

With smart restaurant technology, there are challenges involved too. But, it has come this far to provide effective service and make lives easier. Mobile food apps and online ordering have become a common norm. But what if we tell you that robots will be serving you and cooking for you. That is outstanding, to say the least, and it hints at much quicker service delivery.

How smart restaurant technology helps us?

  1. IoT devices – With wireless devices, smart security tools, systems, sensors, connected smart home appliances, and security scanners are the new way to leverage IoT technology and use it for smart restaurants.
  2. AI for facial recognition – You can build cybersecurity tools to prevent data theft, hacking, and any kind of digital discrepancies. You can add filters to recognize the real customers from those making scam attempts and to avoid payment scams.
  3. Robotics kitchen – Recently, there was a buzz going on about a robot that would make hundreds of burgers per hour and replace humans. No, we are not writing an upcoming sci-fi movie script. The future of smart restaurant technology is already here, but are you ready for a Robo-cook?
  4. Data Science – Data has become the undisputed KING whether its technology or any other realm. However, you can use data insights to gain dominance in the market. It enables you to know so much more about customer behavior, changing market dynamics, and ways to improve your service.

Step inside the era of smart restaurants

If someone told you some years ago that there will come a time that you will be getting your food delivered through a drone, would you be excited? It definitely gives an adrenaline rush, especially when it comes to ordering food in a hilly area. Who would track up and down the hill for a cup of coffee and some fresh fries served with a Bologna sandwich?

Well, here is good news, the era of the smart restaurant is here and you are on a way to dining digitally with a more customized order, and faster delivery.

The subject of smart restaurant technology is becoming wider because many people want to develop the latest tools, software systems, digital menus, and online websites for their restaurant. It’s crazy, you visit a restaurant and they ask you to scan a code. There comes the next step to choose your food.

So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at all the benefits from online ordering to billing systems, you can avail all with smart restaurant technology.

You can have Unbelievable benefits – Smart Restaurant technology

  • You will be able to quickly make a reservation at your favorite restaurant and choose your desired table with the help of a smart table/ waitlist management system offered by the smart restaurant.
  • No-fuss with online payment, when you can get to make a quick payment with an In-app mobile payment system. How much time can you save?
  • Smart technology is really here to stay because you can use location to track order and the time of its arrival. On the other hand, with the same technology the restaurant can smartly detect customer arrival to prepare the order timely, so you don’t have to wait in a long queue.
  • Once your customer is using the tablet provided by you, you can send pop up messages to ask them. If they’d like to order something on the side. Maybe any special sauce? This is a smart way to communicate with customers and hyper-personalization. Who doesn’t like being pampered?
  • To make your customers feel more special, you can develop custom apps for your customers. These apps are popularly known as loyalty membership apps, so they can collect smart points and claim their rewards. Even third-party apps showcasing restaurants can also practice this.
  • With the technological tools to use in the restaurant and food business, it is also an undeniable fact that its budget-friendly. You can minimize the spent time, save so much on resources and logistics. Investing in technology really is the way to go forward. But, are you ready to make the move?
  • Its also an eco-friendly initiative to save so much paper, cut costs on plastics and go cashless. Such an easy-breezy feeling. Isn’t this wonderful?

Are you ready to order?

That was a helluva ride, wasn’t it? But what is more intriguing for us is that if you have experienced any smart restaurant technology. So, do you have an idea for a food or restaurant app? You can transform that idea into an amazing product to get the most leverage from smart restaurant technology.

If you want to make a difference with technology, then let’s get in and work on this together. Get Moving, because you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the benefits.

Let’s talk today!

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