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January 27, 2021 by Blog

The Rise of IoT Tech Wave in Pakistan

The scope of IoT in Pakistan is not separate from the future of IoT in Pakistan, as they are integrated. The technological landscape in Pakistan is changing at an unprecedented rate with new opportunities coming on the horizon. Since it is established that the rise of Information and communication technology(ICT) in Pakistan is witnessing its peak and it is closely related to IoT technology. Because IoT technology is mainly being implemented in this very sector.

With IoT, you can connect different systems and devices together within one particular internet infrastructure. This connectivity is done within one specific internet ecosystem, therefore it is more inclined towards creating smart solutions in the Information and Communication Technology ( ICT) industry. But there is a huge scope for this technology in the verticals such as eCommerce, Mobile Industry, Computer and Systems communication, and also in software engineering. But these are the main hubs for this technology, however, we will uncover the top industries where IoT applications in Pakistan can be developed and utilized.

It’s going to get more interesting, so stay with us.

Are you ready to see some amazing solutions that will make you feel like you are in a Christopher Nolan movie, but all the devices are speaking to you? Better yet, you can create devices with a single touch on your phone.

Nonetheless, it sounds intriguing, and let’s dive right in.

Reimagine Your world – Future of IoT in Pakistan

Every day we hear about new devices and smart gadgets, that are changing the way we live and operate on a regular basis. In the last decade, IoT has witnessed a rise and now you can operate different devices remotely with just your cellphone. I mean see the remote TV, where you change channels, operate your smart music system and kitchen appliances with just one touch. It’s basically billions of smart devices connected together through the power of the internet to save yourself extra time and effort.

The phenomenal applications and IoT-led solutions are not only are only made possible with IoT but they also involve other ‘allied technologies’ such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Therefore it is also regarded as one of the top breakthrough technologies that are changing the world right now. It has become so advanced that you can converge Artificial Intelligence (AI) with IoT( Internet of Things) to create AIoT solutions.

The Scope of IoT in Pakistan needs no bounds because it is a developing country undergoing a technological transformation. This also involves a lot of possibilities for IoT and AI engineers, and also industries can leverage this technology to increase revenue, automate their workflow and increase efficiency. But how is that going to be possible?

For that, you have to go a little deeper and discuss all the possibilities.

You don’t have to worry because we have done the job for you and here you go with all the details and facts. Just a glimpse into the near future, oracle shared that by the year 2025 there is a projection for 22 million IoT devices. This is currently happening all around the world, and hence the impact on the Pakistani market will be quite interesting with groundbreaking solutions. Here is a look at the report shared by Statista that showcases the ‘End-User spending on IoT Solutions‘:

Without any further ado, let’s uncover what’s behind all the buzz about the future of IoT in Pakistan and its possible applications.

Know the scope of IoT in Pakistan – IoT Applications in Pakistan

Do you know Falcon-i is an IoT based Pakistani company that provides vehicle and fleet tracking services based in Pakistan? Claims to be serving 160,000 customers overall, it is going places. They recently ventured into a deal with a renowned telecommunication company Jazz to converge IoT with ICT. Isn’t this remarkable? Well, you’d be surprised to know that a lot is going on and many IoT startups in Pakistan are emerging on the surface.

See how you can capitalize on the IoT solutions and how IoT applications in Pakistan are creating a revolution.

Take a Quick Peek.

EducationManufacturing/ IndustrialPublic Sector IoT ApplicationsHealthcare and Medical IndustryTransportation + Logistics
eLearning and online remote education is a growing industry that holds a lot of potential. You can build solutions concerning:
– Tech-based educational courses
– Automated online curriculum management system
– Remote webinars and podcasts
Pakistan is a growing and developing country with industries on rise, so it could really use IoT based solutions for:
– Wireless/ Automation Control
– Smart Digital Supply Chain Management
– Production Process and Quality maintenance
– Physical Asset Protection
– Manage Inventory to reduce operational costs
To achieve faster speed, manage major projects and automate complex operations. You can use IoT Applications for:
– Smart Cities
– Smart Grids
– Connected Logistics
Connected Assets
– Power Outages
– Public Utilities
Health and Medical field not only needs automation solution to manage data but also to carry out critical operations such as:
– Track patients with wearables
– Use for Hospital equipment
– Monitor Patients
– Use for general safety purpose devices
Reduce the extra operational and functional costs and save yourself thousands of dollars by automating your work life with IoT based solutions such as:
– Fleet Tracking
– Fleet Management
– Vehicle Tracking
– Alerts concerning equipment failure
– Real-time tracking of vehicles

IoT applications are becoming popular because of the benefits that they offer. Many people would be surprised to know that even though it is very overwhelming to think about new and advanced technology. But it is surprisingly affordable and easier when combined with the right tools and tech stack. It is said to be many things, and a few of its perks are:

  • Affordable/ Cost-effective to build smart and faster solutions and automate data-based operations.
  • Using Internet Connectivity to offer convenience to large groups of consumers across the globe.
  • Cloud Computing Platforms are offering these services to help customers use data analytics and make the transfer of data easier than before.
  • In businesses, retail and online stores, they can integrate IoT to monitor their products managing it as a service to provide an excellent experience to end-user.

This is not only limited to the above-mentioned industry verticals and the fields, where you can create IoT based solutions. But you have the freedom to create your own unique solutions because every business has its own unique needs.

To build a better future. you need to have an innovative vision for the future. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a step forward.

Reinvent a better Future- Take the best step into IoT Realm

To venture into this technology, one has to be very clear about the kind of solution that they’d like to build. The world is changing at a very fast pace and you’ve to walk with the world in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

Are you someone who is always ahead with futuristic and smart solutions? Well, then you are just at the right place. We value people who have an interesting approach.

Do you need any help with the idea? Drop us a message and we will set up a call with you to help you sort it out. Let’s do it together, sounds awesome?



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