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February 17, 2021 by Blog

Code Reading & Science

Are you learning to code? Are you good at math or good at language skills?

Talking about reading code practice, scientists have finally begun to read a programmer’s brain to find whether they need to be good at math or language skills to become a programmer.

“You have to be good at math to become a programmer.” If you are learning to code, you must have heard this phrase countless times by now. Do you agree with it? Or do you think this argument completely misses the mark?

Some believe that learning to program a computer is identical to learning a new language. Just like a language, it requires learning new symbols and terms to code a computer. But, if you talk about reading code practice, scientists say that you don’t necessarily have to be a math genius to learn to program.

Coding and Science

You must have seen a ton of videos that are trying to get you to make that commitment to learning to code. Big tech guys like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates have debated in front of the camera about why coding is vital for your future and how learning to code can position you for success.

Coding is not something that you can do over a weekend or a couple of weeks. This is a huge commitment, something that requires you to do a lot.

Undoubtedly, the field of computer science is very logical. But just because you know how to solve math problems doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to resolve a programming problem on time.

Do you know that your brain behaves in a certain way when you read a computer language? Let’s understand this in detail.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the world’s number 1 university that conducts cutting-edge research on science and technology. Some neuroscientists from there discovered that your brain triggers the general-purpose brain network while interpreting a computer code. It does not activate the language-processing centers at all.

Allow us to explain in some easy words.

Most of you believe that reading codes trigger the areas of the brain that involves language processing. It’s because codes are languages as well. The MIT research tells that your brain activates a distributed network of its own, called the multiple demand network.

Glance a look at what Anna Ivanova, an MIT grad has to say about it. She states: “understanding computer code seems to be its own thing. It’s not the same as language, and it’s not the same as math and logic.”

It is not the first time this has happened that scientists tried to decipher a human brain. They have spent the past few decades analyzing the brains of experts. Though, the brain appears to be a programmer’s brain this time.

The neuroscientists at MIT used a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) system to decipher which regions of the brain were triggered in the course of code comprehension: the MD system or the language system. The code that was being studied involved a code snippet of the text-based programming language, Python, and a combination of blocks in the tech language, ScratchJr.

Talking about this reading code practice, reading code triggers the MD network. But, it doesn’t utilize the part that activates math and logic problems. It concludes that reading the demand for math is not entertained here.

The scientists did not find any regions of the brain that were wholly dedicated to programming. Though, they did note that particular brain activity might develop in the brains of skilled coders.


Does math make you more intelligent? Do you want to have a say in this matter? We believe that math is a great subject, but it is not an essential skill to becoming a skilled programmer.

BTW, who is a good programmer? A good programmer is someone who solves today’s problems in the best possible way.

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