Robotic Works

We Take Pride in Being First

A decade ago, our clients wanted us to make software for Web and Windows. Now, the demand has shifted towards Web and Mobile. In the coming decade, however, we expect our clients’ needs to include building specialized software, integrated with multiple gadgets and servers.

But we are already a step ahead. For over 3 years now, we have been working with Robots to develop fresh approaches to overcome new challenges in the IT and manufacturing industry. After success with our in-house robots, we are eager to work with our customers to implement the real-world application of robots.

Contact us, let’s come up with a challenge.

Projects Under Development

We are currently working on around 10 projects in Robotics. Since, most of our experiments are kept under wraps, here we disclose three of them to give you something to go on.

Baxter Manipulation

Made by Rethink Robotics, Baxter is a revolutionary, low-cost humanoid; capable of working side by side with humans and actively interacting with them. We are working with our partners in China, the exclusive distributor of Baxter in the region, to develop innovative solutions for the robot to implement in the industry.

3D Wonders

With a modern 3D printer from Form Labs, we have been experimenting with 3D printing as well. Every day, we print components with uses ranging from practical applications for clients, to just plain fun for our team.

iPad Controlled Snowblower

We developed this one-of-a-kind Snow Blower back in 2012 while we were still learning to control machines and robots. What’s unique about it is that it could be operated from an iPad. It memorizes the path in each round and, after a few rounds, is able to run autonomously. Fun fact; the Snow Blower was built by our CEO Mubashir Mian himself.

…and there are many more in the pipeline.