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March 26, 2021 by Blog

Choose the Right Video Conferencing Software for Remote Work

Video Conferencing Software had the time of their life – Zoom with its 30x YoY iOS App download growth since March 2020 made the most out of it. Have you got your right free video conferencing software yet?

If not, here’s the face-off between all the best video conferencing Apps making rounds; choose one for yourself too.

Guide to Choose Video Conferencing Software

As the world practices and preaches social distance, it’s high-time for these video conferencing tools to assure you stay virtually connected. Whether it be client-company meetings or those with remote workers, these video conferencing Apps for PC and mobile have something for everyone.

The video chats and Apps you use aren’t to be mistaken as the software designed to cater SMBs and large enterprises. Therefore, keeping it up with the need of the hour, technically improved and reliable substitutes, video conferencing software came into play.

Below are some of the key factors to consider while choosing the best video conferencing tools:

  • Ease of Use
  • Number of Attendees
  • Number of Video Streams (at once)
  • Recording Options
  • Chart Support

Top Video Conferencing Software 2021 Comparison

Zoom – Pandemic Winner

Zoom Video Conferencing Software

Under the Zoom umbrella, you get a multitude of video conferencing services options such as Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, Zoom Video Webinar, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom United. The standard Zoom Meeting that goes free enables you to host up to 100 participants at once with meeting time limited to 40 minutes only.

Though there are various offerings by Zoom, still what suits SMBs is Zoom Meetings Pro starting at $149.90/year/license. This pro option comes along with 1GB Cloud Recording and allows up to 1,000 attendees for meetings.


  • Livestreaming on Facebook
  • Cloud Recording
  • Large Sized Meeting & Conferences


  • Lacks User Control & Management within Company
  • Works Effective Only with Fast Internet.
  • Video Recording Lags.

RingCentral Video – Video Conferencing for Office

Ring Central the Video Conferencing Software

With its ability to work effectively on a web browser, and not the compulsion to download App or Software, RingCentral ensures everything to go fluent even if you’re at home using an old computer. As a high-value video conferencing software for remote work, it helps the administrator/owner to stay in charge throughout. The performance measures while keeping factors such as ISP, Location, and Network in check keeps it all on the table.

Furthermore, RingCentral as a video conferencing service for remote work offers cross-platform integration, which allows users to take meetings even from third-party business Apps. It comes in as a product of RingCentral’s collaboration with work-related Apps such as Slack, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace.


  • More Administrative Control
  • Ease of Managing Meeting Schedule
  • Basic Office Meeting Requirements (Screen Sharing & Whiteboard)


  • Difficult to Comprehend UI
  • 24hrs to Generate Reports

Google Meet – Google’s Video Conferencing Service

Google meet Free Video Conferencing Software

Google Meet, the all new and improved version of Google Hangout allows users to join meetings on the go. No plugins or downloads required, simply sign in with any of your Google Product accounts (Gmail, Google Photos) to kick off Meet.

This G-Suite product aiming to enhance the office productivity caters both the personal and large number of user’s needs. It minimizes the hassle of setting up alarms as it easily sends invites via email with courtesy of the Google Calendar. The Google Meet personal plan with hosting 100 users and utilizing 30GB cloud space costs as less as $6 per month.


  • Easy UI
  • Google Calendar Integrated
  • Dial-Pad for International Calling


  • Only Sign in with Gmail
  • Difficulty while Re-Adding People in Meeting
  • Additional Cost for Recording Feature

Bluejeans Meetings – Best Alternative of Zoom

Video Conferencing Software

Quite similar to that of Zoom, Bluejeans has several video conferencing products to cater user’s needs in every possible way. The cloud-based conferencing software with enterprise-grade security and hands-on management tools offers what you all need while doing remote work.

The dial-in number connectivity with offering as low as 50 attendees is something which makes it one lucrative offer for SMBs. All this starts at $9.99 per month.


  • Available on Variety of Devices
  • 40+ Country Audio Meetings
  • Meeting Management & Analytics Tools


  • Lags in Whiteboard Presentation
  • Lacks Features such as Polls & Votes

This close insight into best video conferencing software and Apps stands unbiased with hands-on usage of these conferencing tools over different devices. Therefore, it’s one of its kind of guides to check and review features and pros & cons of all those industry-topper video conferencing services.

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