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August 7, 2020 by Blog

Reflection On My First Week At Nextbridge

July 1st, 2020 was my first day at NextBridge as afresh hired Technical Content Writer. The day was quite formal, I was in the hands of the HR team that educated me about NB in detail. The work ethics, culture, and the environment were well enlightened by a polite individual who at the best of her ability first tried to calm my nervousness and then alongside her team showed me the whole building. After a successful tour, I was dropped at the center 3rd where I was going to spend most of my time working. I was assigned to the Marketing Department and as soon as I entered the room, I could freshly remember how welcoming they were to have me as a team member. The best part was my introduction to my WORK BUDDY. Yes, we have a work buddy system on board; it was such a relief to know that I will have someone to talk to share my initial anxieties. My buddy was Ms. Sofia Niaz, working as a Global Business Manager at NB. An enthusiastic, hard-working individual who became an ambassador for me to help me accelerate productivity. Every day she would come to me and talk about my day-to-day tasks and help me get through them.

As a writer, you have to be creative by default otherwise you can’t produce quality content. BUT, the level of creativity that I experienced here was beyond measure. The entire marketing team will sit down composed and brainstorm on some topics to produce unique ideas consistently. Even the upper management would play their part in it. I must confess, this activity was so refreshing for me. I was delighted to perform it their way and every time I did it, I was able to think out of the box and produced beautiful topic ideas.

Allow me to express my love for food. No matter where I worked, the food quality was always good but here, the food is tremendously delicious not just quality-wise but variety wise too. The menu is revised every week but the exciting part for me was the addition of a dessert. That was some news for me by God; just to inform I am a sweet tooth! The reason behind my mention is to praise the hard work of the food & management team. Only with their support, I can sit determinedly because I trust if your belly is full your mind is full too
Today marks my official 8th day at NB. The workplace is relatively diverse as per my reflection of the work environment. There are skilled engineers, certified project managers, creative marketing team. There is a whole squad of enthusiastic individuals by the name ‘PressTigers’ dedicated solely to WordPress tech-stack. Clients can have their customized themes and templates, Plug-ins and Add-ons, etc.

I feel superbly lucky to be a part of an organization that is actively engaged in the production of robots. I was given a chance to explore the AI department where I got familiar with some implausible robots and learned about many more in the pipeline. I was intrigued! Now that I am settled here, all satisfied and familiar with the system, I am pleased to express that my experience has been really good this far. Coming here to work is a pleasure for me. I look forward to a bright future at NextBridge!



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