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November 17, 2021 by Blog

Facebook Turns into Meta: What’s The Reason?

Did you know Facebook has modified its name to Meta?

On Thursday 28th october, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook turns into Meta. Means now it’s Facebook Metaverse. Mark has suggested the new name during Facebook rebranding in the ‘virtual reality conference’ and ‘Facebook connect augmented’ as Meta.

Its new name portrays a growing ambition that is beyond social media marketing and adopts a new moniker that relies on a sci-fi term named Metaverse. He describes his vision about Facebook Metaverse as “one billion people will be on the Metaverse in the next decade.”

According to Mark,

“Today we are seen as a social media company, but in our DNA we are a company that builds technology to connect people, and Metaverse is the next frontier just like social networking was when we got started”

The company is hiring new staff to work on Metaverse because they have to meet their new goal. According to Mark, he is hoping to lead Metaverse among billions of people to give them a good opportunity for earning hundreds of billions of dollars through digital commerce. He also supports everyone through jobs i.e there are and will be millions of creators and developers.

Facebook Metaverse

What’s New in Facebook Metaverse?

For the past many years, the company was planning to introduce portal video-calling devices. It also launches Ray-Ban story glasses for you to explore different versions of Oculus virtual-reality headsets. All advancements fortify that Facebook Metaverse indicates augmented and virtual reality as a primary part of its strategy.

What is Additional in Meta?

Along with changing the brand name, team Meta has also announced a virtual reality headset named Project Cambria. Quest 2 headset is available at a higher price of $299 and brings your real world motion into VR.

It tracks your movement by sensing where it is operating in the room. It follows your same action and repeats into a virtual world.

New in Facebook Metaverse

How Does Metaverse Matter in Comparison to Facebook?

Facebook Metaverse was not a planned idea for anyone, it was a million years away from existence, but now it is inevitable. The internet is invented by academics and government-funded researchers for everyone to create, interact, or share information throughout the world.

The Metaverse is a name of shared online 3D virtual space with many companies to create a future version of the internet. Zuckerberg wrote in a letter that in the future, he will introduce a new type of hologram technology through which a user teleports himself into different places of his own choice.

If you want to attend your office, plan to stay at home with parents, attend a concert with your friends, or any other place you can show your presence and enjoy everything.

Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Have to Change Facebook’s Name?

Mark Zuckerberg not only changes the name but also modifies his platform with new technology. He is planning to own a new operating system for the future. They are competing with other platforms through Facebook rebranding and plan to attract people to rely on Facebook most of the time.

The management of Facebook Metaverse relinquishes anything that compromises their audience and stands in the marketing as the definitive advertisement provider. Few internal improvements ensure the new version of Facebook is something unbeatable and different for everyone.

Here’s How Facebook Metaverse is Different

Facebook organizes an unusual press push through a VR app designed for people to attend their meetings through a VR setup. Mark Zuckerberg has announced a surprising amount of showcasing its small VR app while reporting to a newscaster.

Facebook is under regulatory scrutiny at a single moment in comparison to other companies in the industry. They have planned to dedicate $50 million funds for the investment in research for the development of greater products.

The purpose behind Facebook rebranding is to overcome many failures that customers usually witness while using Facebook. Meta is unique in contrast to the user experience and allows everyone to manage their daily problems through a single platform.

According to Zuckerberg:

“Rebrand would heal the lessons of the past, privacy and safety would be built into the new generation of products from the very first day”

He also said in contrast to witnessing problems during the use of Facebook, the last few years have been productive for him and his company in different ways.

A company usually announces a massive change to its customers after every five years. In 2012, the company pivoted around mobile applications while having a poor performance attack from the audience, but later they attained a maximum number of users on the application.

In 2017, they categorized everyone into communities and groups to bring the whole world together. Similarly, the Facebook rebranding also seems inspirational as his new concept of Metaverse also announces the hiring of 10,000 new people to make his project successful.

Are you clear about why Facebook turns into Meta? Hopefully so!

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