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August 5, 2020 by Blog

Real-life Robots doing surprisingly cool jobs you’d never imagine

Robots are progressing evermore day by day. From BINA48 real-life social robot to a handy robotic assistant in the kitchen ready to whip you up a gourmet meal every time you desire. To be honest, this real-life robot is exactly like your wifey, but with a mute button. EVIL LAUGHTER!

Humanity is not just witnessing usual robots, but AI is motivated on creating much more exciting real-life machines you’d never imagine seeing.

This article will leave you flabbergast and force you to change your view on what sort of form a robot can be. Get ready to be astonished. Let’s begin!

Nuro’s Self-Driving Grocery Delivery Robocar

Self-directed cars are built to carry people without a human operator. But Nuro, an American robotic company has a mission to fast-track the use of robots. The company presented a robocar to transport pharmaceuticals to CVS customers in Houston, Texas. The car can drive itself down the streets to deliver rations to people’s homes.

The vehicle is broad, about half a Toyota Corolla’s width. It is electric-powered, having enough battery strength that can last up to 2 days. The coronavirus plague has wired the use of self-driving cars but this implementation by Nuro will certainly make autonomous companies accelerate their strategies.

Caltech’s Bird-like Robot that could Explore Mars someday

Are you obsessed with Mars too? You are not the only one, many earthlings are fixated on Mars as there is no other planet in our solar system. Anyway, there is some good news for you. Caltech is testing a newly-made real-life robot named Leonardo most similar to a bird that can fly and walk. Researchers have a strong faith that it can be used to traverse difficult landscapes and many planets including Mars.

Disclaimer: this is not a drone. As per Professor Morteza Gharib, who co-created Leonardo says its innovative, as it can fly and walk at the same time. The rotors attached to its torso allows it to maintain stability. Even if you kick it hard it doesn’t fall over.

Humanoid Robot doing gymnastics!

So you think only you can do it! This real-life humanoid robot can very well move like a prodigy. Boston Dynamics is an American based engineering and robotics design company that is teaching its bots new gymnast tricks. Atlas, a real-life robot can gracefully do gymnastic routines on two legs and the level of athleticism is beyond belief.

Japan’s Spiritual Android Priest

So there will be no Pastor nor Pop, only Robo. Welcome to the future!

A 400 years old Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan has gotten a real-life robot Buddhist to hold sermons. “Mindar” who has rare traits, a real-life Priest made of aluminum and silicon who can walk around to interact with worshipers. A machine designed to bear a resemblance to ‘Kannon’, a Japanese Bodhisattva (Buddhist goddess) of mercy.

“This real-life robot will never die; it will just keep updating itself and evolving,” words by Tensho Goto, the temple’s chief steward. The gender-neutral robot can sanctify you, counsel you, and even say your memorial.

A Robotic Hand learned to solve Rubik’s cube

Why it’s almost impossible to solve Rubik’s cube? Well, not for this machine….

Artificial intelligence research organization OpenAI has achieved something extraordinary – Dactyl, a real-life robot single-handily learned to solve Rubik’s cube after building its training regime. Don’t know if you have realized it or not but it’s a huge success.

“Plenty of robots can solve Rubik’s cube very fast. The important difference between what they did there and what we’re doing here is that those robots are very purpose-built”, words by Peter Welinder. Many AI researchers have disapproved of its being impressive. But as per the AI world, it is impressive because the robot learned to solve of its own accord. Secondly, the training had been achieved through simulation.

Finally, the arrival of Real-life Robotic Staff at the Turkish Airport

Do you find it hard to sail through your way at the airport? It’s typically rough to navigate your way around especially if the airport is huge. Well, Turkey has found a way for you to avoid the pain.

This new airport covers 76 million square meters and can effectively handle 90 million passengers a year. Due to its massive landscape, the country is taking profit of real-life robots to assist passengers in navigating the surroundings.

Four bilingual real-life robots greet passengers in a welcoming way and assist them with scanning their tickets, show directions, also view flight info in English or Turkish.

Mr. Guler says, “It has its feelings and reactions. It is continuously in touch with different online services like social media, email, traffic, and weather forecasts. It will be employed in places like banks, airports, hotels, business centers, and shopping malls.” A great vision!

Are you amazed?

Not only the above, but several other innovations are yet to come to make you believe that the future is NOW. Nextbridge robotics team also has a strong faith in it because they are currently building their robotic products with the help of a highly-skilled team of engineers.

Get excited about the robots yet to come because there will come a time when you’ll rush to the stores to buy a robot for doing your household chores.

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