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October 13, 2021 by Blog

Programming and Mental Health Are Essential for Every Developer!

Is coding good for your mental health? Can coding make you depressed? Why are developers so grumpy? What are the main causes of software depression? What is the relationship between mental health and development?

We are going to address all such concerns of yours!

Programming and mental health, mental health, and development, developers and depression, these are our worries too. This is why catering to mental health disorders has become fundamental now.

Programming and mental health

Nextbridge is into software development; it runs in our DNA. We have been doing it since 1996 and our developers always stay busy as a beaver handling complex projects. We noticed that a couple of times they became cranky when discussing a project. We tried to find the root cause of it.

Our developers spend all afternoon working on complicated problems and give hours to computer screens. Human interaction is crucial and they lack it. This is why programming and mental health has become significant to be addressed, especially in this mental health month.

Mental disorders and work-related anxieties are quite common these days. According to different research, software developers are likely to have more chances of experiencing fatigue, anxiety, stress, burnout, etc., compared to other professionals.

What’s next? Maintaining mental health as a programmer is serious otherwise, it deteriorates your productivity and the company’s work progress.

We at Nextbridge always prioritize creating a homely, comfortable atmosphere to minimize any pressure amongst the employees and pay focus to mental health and development.

Relationship Between Programming and Mental Health

Our mental health comprises two spheres, i.e. emotional and cognitive, and our neurophysiology is comparable to computers. Computers have different input and output systems, including different objects like a keyboard, mouse, webcam, etc., that comprise your five senses.

Relationship Between Programming and Mental Health

A computer process is similar to our thinking capabilities; its video card works according to our imagination. Our cognitive sphere is the only thing that sets us apart from being soulless robots. You need to express your emotions, feelings, and desires to make yourself stress-free.

How Does Coding Affect Your Mental Health?

Are you tired of coding, or are you stressed due to tight deadlines? Your answer is probably positive because you might feel certain development pressure owing to brutal deadlines.

Your job demands a focused mindset and thought process. This is why we are going to talk about any possible mental illness that can occur in you and ways to beat it.

Common Mental Illnesses and Remedial Tips to Overcome Them

1- Personal Life

Are you facing any family issues? Or feel alone all the time? Your personal issues might disrupt your mental health and development at work. There are few instances like poor work productivity, mental fatigue, incompetency, etc that disrupt your programming and mental health.


Try to resolve your issues with your family members or close friends to avoid disruption in your programming life and personal life. You can give an adequate amount of time to yourself and start taking care of your physical health.

2- Burnout Condition

Developers usually start losing interest and passion in coding or programming when they feel tired and ineffective. Developers and depression interrelate due to the monotonous type of workplace, unrealistic deadlines, no work progress or recognition, etc. This leads to mental illness.

Developers and depression


Try not to code throughout the day, and it is essential to exercise, start learning new technologies in intervals. Try to rely on your teammates for a break aside from your workplace to improve your programming and mental health.

3- Imposter Syndrome

Do you feel like you’re not capable of dealing with programming and mental health? Or being a developer is a wrong choice? If it’s yes, you have imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome deals with a certain type of feeling in which you can doubt your skills or knowledge, and it disrupts your mental health and development.

Imposter Syndrome


Try not to make yourself a victim of imposter syndrome because neither you nor your seniors are perfect. They are aware of what you know and what your capabilities are.

Ways of Coding Hard and Staying Sane

1. Take Breaks

Have you ever walked or taken a coffee/tea break recently? If yes, what’s the experience? Do you feel any change?

Breaks are essential in any case of your life especially if you are managing an IT job. Try to rely on your teammates for a break aside from your workplace to improve your programming and mental health.

2. Connect Yourself with Colleagues

Did you connect with your colleagues recently? Or do you have any restrictions to connect? Nextbridge encourages interaction; there is a work culture where every other day the employees sit together over a cup of coffee and discuss their matters. We even throw some formal parties to give some sense of freedom to the employees.

3. Restrict Yourself to Compare with Others

Do you have an inferiority complex? Avoid this feeling because you are unique in your own way.

People are quite complex; they don’t reveal their flaws. You also don’t have to because maybe you have something in you that is unbeatable.

Be known in the market. Stay active on social media platforms to share your developer stories with others. This boosts your confidence and makes you feel useful.

4. Practice Mindful Meditation

Do you want to practice mindfulness right now? Let’s reveal 5 ways through which you can practice mindfulness right now:

  1. Stop doing what you’re doing right now and meditate for a minute
  2. If you have multiple projects on your plate, try and focus on one at a time
  3. Slow & steady wins the race so finish one and go onto the next one
  4. You probably should go and meet your work colleague over a cup of coffee. Five minutes of a conversation are okay
  5. You can go for a nature walk if there is a park nearby

Try to start with meditation as there is a famous quote: “mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment and accept it without judgment.”

5. Exercise

How does physical activity assist programming and mental health? Exercise is essential for mental health and development as it treats mild to moderate depression and acts as an antidepressant. It promotes different types of changes in the brain including neural growth, activity patterns, reduced inflammation, and promotes calm feelings inside you.

Maintaining mental health as a programmer is obligatory to you. So, are you ready to practice the above?

Wrapping Up

Programming and mental health can be stressful, but things could be much better if you found a professional or peaceful place to work.

mental health and development

Our team at Nextbridge has set a comfortable working environment for you. You can hire our active engineers for your development jobs.


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