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October 28, 2020 by Blog

Why Local Banks in Pakistan need to revamp their Mobile Applications

Pakistan, just like any other developing country in the world is catching up with online trends fast. Pakistan’s banking sector also has realized this and are starting to invest in mobile banking. There are plenty of benefits when it comes to mobile banking and one of them is that it provides a new path for convenience. Online bank accounts can be managed quite well with mobile banking apps as apps are used every day by many users in Pakistan. However, there is one slight problem when it comes to the apps in the banking sector.

Most mobile banking apps of local banks in Pakistan aren’t exactly user friendly. This is no surprise as mobile banking apps are a relatively new concept in banking spheres. Naturally, the products developed to make things convenient for customers actually end up being distracting and just made the entire process even more tougher.

This blog tries to argue why local banking in Pakistan needs to have better mobile banking apps. Here are some of the reasons:

Try Making Things Simple:

Simplicity is best when it comes to mobile banking apps. Too much confusion can make your mobile application a total failure. People use their online bank account to make through mobile apps so that their experience can be fast, reliable, and easy. Most Local mobile applications are too complex for an average cell phone user to understand straightaway. Another reason is that there are a lot of bugs in local mobile banking apps. The best way to deal with this issue is to create an app that has a seamless interface and doesn’t get stuck unnecessarily.


Mobile banking apps are a sensitive thing for a user as he’s got his assets in the bank. This requires security features that must make sure that all the information is completely secured. Many banking applications lack security features and we often hear about hacks where people have faced a lot of losses. Banks in Pakistan need to realize that investing in a mobile app is not just a good investment but also establishes trust among clients.

Cross Availability:

Android, iOS & Windows are the most popular operating systems and your application needs to be available across all the platforms. Most mobile banking apps are available on Android but as iOS has stricter rules for app development you need to make sure that your application works well on iOS as well. This is quite common when it comes to local mobile apps where app is only available on Android. If your clients use an iPhone, then you don’t really stand a chance to serve them through your mobile app.

Search Options:

Mobile banking apps in Pakistan have one problem that is a constant source of annoyance. They simply lack a proper structure and finding certain options can be a total headache. This is the reason why mobile apps for banks in Pakistan need to have better search standing. A search bar can work well as most people aren’t going to go through all options to find what they want. Besides, if your client is thinking too much while going through your app then that essentially means your app is creating a bad experience.

Speed and Loading Time:

Last but not least is the speed loading time. Again user experience is the most important thing your app needs to deliver. It needs to be fast and efficient while someone is using it. Something that lags or takes up too much time to load can be a total turn off for most people. Most applications face this issue when they start uploading content that’s not optimized for the best performance. Be it images or videos, if you want to put graphical content make sure that it’s fully optimized.

In a Nutshell:

Mobile banking apps in Pakistan need to bring up their game to provide a seamless experience for its users. Just use your bank’s app for yourself, you’ll agree with everything we’ve said above. If you feel your app can be a lot better, then reach out to Nextbridge today!

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