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July 27, 2020 by Blog

Learning Keyboard Shortcuts with Post-It Notes

Being a content writer, I have realized the importance and significance of time. Meeting deadlines, last-minute edits, urgent requests, proof-reading, and everything that comes in between to keep you on your toes!

Writing content and spilling out words from your mind requires time and momentum that you have maintained, especially if the topic is crucial and requires attention to every detail. However, you do not have all day to process every thought and pass it on to your screen and manage all the details to bring out that perfect required layout.

Your timeline is more inclined towards writing the data rather than formatting the whole document into the H1s, H2s, and the proper page breaks.

To help me save a few minutes of the hassle was a lot when you have the whole day spent on writing and writing and just want to wind up the day.


One thing that helped me the most in my time-saving effort was keyboard shortcuts. Trust me on this one, it’s extremely time-saving to throw command to the system from the keyboard, where you already have your fingers running rather than lifting your hand muscles to the mouse and adjust it to the command and process it.

Using keyboard shortcuts, I generally feel more convenient and productive. The workflow doesn’t break, and it keeps your momentum in the flow.

With that being said, I always found learning these keyboard shortcuts hard. Particularly on the times when one day I learn that I can perform the same action in a single command. Great! Except I have that two-consecutive shortcut workflow committed to muscle memory and changing that is going to be hard.

After banging my head over the issue for quite some time, it turned out that the answer for me was the Post-it notes!


I’ve been using this technique for many years and it’s worked well for me. Each week or two I’ll try to find a few shortcuts that I’d like to adopt into muscle memory and learn. I’ll stick them on a Post-it on my monitor as a constant reminder. I don’t always remember to use them, but I remember more and more as time goes by until the Post-it becomes redundant. This is how I learned a handful of keyboard shortcuts for MS Office, Chrome, and Windows; I didn’t attempt to learn the myriad of commands at once but instead picked a few each week that I wanted to get used to using.

Right now, I’m trying to get better at using a few more similar apps and commands. There are loads of shortcuts that are waiting to be explored. I’ve not been good at remembering the shortcuts for moving focus around windows (instead of reaching for Cmd+tab or my mouse) and I don’t make use of spaces as much as I’d like. So, guess what I’ve just added to my desk? That’s Right!

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