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April 14, 2021 by Blog

The Power of Unpredictability- Adapt to New eLearning Market Trends

All set to become a $375 billion industry by 2026, eLearning trends are having the time of their life.

The year 2020 made Social Distancing and Work from Home (WFH) the new normal. At the same time, it pushed 22 million school-going students out of classrooms. Before this pandemic could further deepen the educational crisis, eLearning tools and platforms were the ultimate savior for learners across the globe.

eLearning trends

This remote educational experience while students are confined in homes due to the worldwide panic has received mixed reviews. The required improvement ultimately puts the responsibility on eLearning trends and predictions, which seems to be a quick solution to major e-learning issues.

eLearning Trends 2021 aims to solve eLearning challenges in possibly the most efficient manner. So, let’s study them one by one.

eLearning Trends & Prediction 2021

Let’s talk about the top eLearning trends & Predictions in 2021:

Training Trainers for Online Teaching

Online teaching is a 360° experience from what it is like delivering lectures in a class. Though many of the educational institutes have established their own Learning Management System, still they are unable to make it a successful learning experience for their students.

What stalled their efforts is the lack of proper faculty training on how to use those online portals for delivering lectures.

Now the year 2021 witnesses a much-needed shift as trainers are well-trained and prepared for the online classes. When talking about the best online learning management systems, iOStrain, ClassTrack, TalentLMS, Edsby, and many more are a few for example.

Mobile-First Teaching

Most of the self-built e-learning portals and learning management systems are ideally designed for desktops. Up next, they have a mobile-ready or mobile-friendly version too which can get adjusted on the mobile screens. Generally, this works pretty well for different mobile phones, but still has less to offer for low-end gadgets.

Finally, the LMS and teaching portals are to be organized while keeping mobile-first technology in preference. Consequently, this will make it easier for students from remote areas to attend e-classes without any disruption.

Focus on Microlearning

Other than full-time classes, educational institutes and even corporate offices are attracted by the idea of microlearning. The quick tutorials, short videos, modules, and infographics are a good example of microlearning.

The idea of microlearning not only promotes specific education, but also saves a lot of time consumed in hearing those full-length lectures. Potentially, this could turn out to be a decent and popular practice in workplaces too by the end of 2021.

Immersive Learning

The AR and VR aren’t limited to gaming only as one can see their applications in interactive e-learning experiences too. The year 2021 is going to have immersive learning as one of the top eLearning trends.

With all this happening, one can predict the boredom-filled online classes to have new excitement and creative learning involved with it.

Learning Experience Platforms for Personalized Learning

Unlike, Learning Management System (LMS), the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) puts learners in the driving seat. This way students learn with ease without getting fed up or bored of lengthy lectures.

Consequently, LXP will be a huge driving force in 2021 to maximize user engagement on the learning platforms.

Chatbots as Teacher Assistants

The chatbots backed by AI are all set to work as an ultimate guide and support for eLearners. These chatbots in 2021 are all geared up to assist and help them to walk through the entire process without getting off-track even for a while.

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