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February 11, 2021 by Blog

eLearning Fatigue: Learn How to Protect Your Children

Studying from home is not everybody’s cup of tea. Is it your cup of tea?

Doctors say that tedious zoom classes can reduce your child’s energy, so why not learn something about fatigue management today?

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are packed with comments and people sharing their frustrations about online meetings and continuous zoom classes. But, if you are feeling this way then your children must be feeling that way too.

So, learn how to protect your children from eLearning fatigue.

eLearning fatigue in a child

Roses are Red, Learning is Cool…

Did you enjoy school? Or did you have mixed feelings about it?

Well, we believe that learning used to be so beautiful in school.

School is where you too must have made truest friends as we made. It is where teachers were so zealous about the subjects they were instructing. Where you were genuinely interested in seeing you grow as a student and ultimately a person.

Unfortunately, the idea of school is no more this.

The current worldwide pandemic has literally forced the world to rethink the idea of learning and that is how online schooling became the new normal.

a child studying through eLearning

A Day without Learning is a Day Wasted

You may not know but your children are battling eLearning fatigue.

Pay some attention to them!

Psychologists believe that your children probably don’t like the idea of zoom classes. Just like a lot of you probably don’t feel good about day-to-day zoom meetings. They say that kids learn well if a close connection with teachers and peers is offered.

You child can end up heavy-lidded and tired after attending back to back zoom classes. But, how can you integrate some creativity into your child’s learning routine? You really need to make them feel good about getting up early to attend video classes.

girl studying through eLearning on a laptop

Chaos is Beautiful!

Your children are holding so much inside them. Maybe they are not ready to talk about it and fear to share their minds. But being a parent, you are responsible for their mental health.

Maybe they miss their PT classes or early morning assembly routines. That chaos they used to create in the classrooms or eating their lunches while chit-chatting with their classmates. All of that is not worth missing.

Your child is having a hard time diving right into the online class. Psychologists believe that it sort of blocks their creativity.

Fatigue Management: How To Protect Your Child

Fatigue Management is helping your child diminish the feeling of constant tiredness that arises due to attending non-stop online classes. We are sharing some rules and regulations that can help you protect your child’s mental and physical health.

  • You can set up a proper classroom environment for your child.
  • Do not refrain them from taking a break after a class is over.
  • Sometimes, a power nap can also help.
  • How about you ask them to wear their uniforms while attending zoom classes?
  • You must allow them to face talk with their classmates. Surely, they would like to share their experiences.

In Essence

The worldwide panic has sort of forced you to adopt the online trend. It is understandable that not everybody likes to study or work online.

We just wanted you to pay some attention to your child’s health as being plugged in all the time might not good for their health.



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