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March 2, 2021 by Blog

Uncover the Mystery behind EdTech Unicorns

In order to reach a particular destination, you need a map, and therefore the rise of EdTech Unicorns leads us to the EdTech map. It helps us illustrate the currently changing landscape of online learning. To analyze the remote learning ecosystem, you also need to get an idea about the latest online learning trends.

So what are the EdTech Unicorn startups? What does it do for us? The popular term may appear to some as very unusual, as it refers to a ‘mythical creature.’ But the world is changing at such a rapid pace that now everything seems possible. The very first time that it came on the surface takes us back to 2013 when tech startups became all the rage.

Mystery behind EdTech Unicorns

With remote learning on the horizon, it also started to happen that Education and Technology gave birth to educational institutions. Where groundbreaking innovations started pouring in such as educational courses that were being offered using the latest technological tools and services, such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality to teach people. It happens that people are always on the lookout for smart ways.

At first, it all came as a surprise to people to learn online and remotely. But now, people have adapted to the ecosystem and therefore EdTech has become a huge industry.

But before we jump into the nitty-gritty of it all, let’s know first things first.

A Riveting Change in the Landscape of EdTech Unicorns

As we are aware of the fact that Education Startup Unicorns are a thing. But why do we call it this? Basically, the tech-led startups were valued at ‘$1 billion.’ It is stated that most of these unicorns for eLearning are privately owned by institutions and organizations. But the power of these tech-led educational unicorn startups is bringing striking innovation to create a huge growth factor for the educational industry and market.

As you have noticed that EdTech involves a big market and it has witnessed a mushroom growth in the recent past. Therefore you will see startups growing and focussing on a different kind of learning backed by technological innovations such as:

  • A Global Access to Broader Knowledge Platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, edX, etc.
  • Career Development and Personality Development Platforms
  • Online Tools Learning for Knowledge Management such as Grammarly etc.
  • Online Classrooms and Online Schools for Early Education
  • Online + Offline Learning Platform for Remote Learners
  • Online Professional Skill Courses for Remote scholars
  • Material for online training, curriculum, and short courses
EdTech Startup Ecosystem

EdTech Map – Navigate Your Way Through the World 

What would you do without Google Maps in a foreign land? It becomes even frustrating when no one speaks your language. EdTech map allows you to think of a future where technology will enable you to learn in all the new and more improvised ways. It involves a great deal of innovation and creativity but also spends on the target audience. The users for Udemy can be different as compared to Khan Academy.

When you look at the map, you get to know that there are predictions about the technologies that are currently revolutionizing the education sector and the technologies that are going to change the future. It includes the big giants including machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and so much more. There has been a sudden rage in the online learning website, platforms, and Edtech apps.

If you look at the EdTech map, you will suddenly come to the realization that it has opportunities for people belonging to a variety of segments. Which means that it has something for everyone. It has created dominance across the globe, and you can assume that the target audience seems to be the whole world.
You can take a look at the Global EdTech Unicorns to see how much potential can be seen in this particular market.

Global EdTech Unicorns

Envision an Amazing Future with EdTech

After taking a look at the EdTech map, one realizes that innovation combined with technology and advanced educational practices is flourishing. From training surgeons with virtual reality and augmented reality to teaching people online, it all originated in one thing. That is the need, and when you have to do something, eventually you can find the solutions.

Moreover, now companies and organizations are making big bucks because of online education and online educational courses. With this tech-led atmosphere, we are learning, unlearning, and relearning but if you are thinking about the best time to start your own online educational venture. Now is the best time to jump in and swim through to make your mark.

Do you have a big idea that you’d like to share? Tell us today, because the Unicorn is about to fly up now and we gotta catch up before it gets away.

EdTech Unicorn

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