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March 18, 2021 by Blog

What to do when your Google Home says ‘I don’t understand!’

‘My Google Home Assistant doesn’t understand me!’ Do I hear you screaming this at the top of your voice? We feel you! Don’t worry, I can’t let you tarnish your relationship with your Google Home Device.

Stay composed, help is on the way!

The Positives

Smart speakers are a blessing; especially for Introverts out there who have absolutely no one around to talk to. We are kidding!

You need convenience, and Google Home always listens to you. You ask it to make calls for you, schedule appointments on your behalf, and give you weather updates. That’s not it, the advantages are more than that. You can link your smart speakers, broadcast messages, set up routines, it can be the chef for you, help you learn a new language, or help you to stay healthy. In short, you completely rely on it for life support.

But, your whole routine is disturbed if it stops talking to you. So, if you face a breakdown in communication, there are a few tools that can help you fix the communication issues.

Google Home

Every Issue is Fixable

While almost any issue is solvable, even the worst issue of all – when your Google Home says to you, ‘sorry, I don’t understand.’ This is repairable too. Next time if you face any communication issue, you can use these tricks to make it function smoothly once again.

Sometimes you give Google Home a command and it replies to you with a ‘Sorry, I don’t understand’ message. Precisely, it didn’t catch the command that you gave to him.

Every Issue is Fixable

You can try to repeat yourself but, if it still doesn’t work, you can try out another way i.e Google home factory reset option:

1- There is a likely a chance that the command you are giving to Google Home is something it can’t do.

2- If the issue is not just this, you can always factory reset it. The factory reset procedure depends on the type of Google Home device you own. Some have a dedicated factory reset button, but some can be handled manually using this tip:

  • If it’s the original Google Home, press the microphone mute button at the back of the device for 15minutes to reset it.
  • If it is Google Nest Mini, turnover the microphone switch to the off position, press and hold the center of the speaker for about 15 seconds till you hear a sound saying ‘resetting.’
  • If it’s Google Home Mini, press and hold the dedicated factory reset button.
  • If it’s Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, press and hold both volume buttons for about 10 seconds.
  • If it’s Google Home Max, press and hold the factory reset button for 12 seconds to reset it.

Something that Google Home Can’t do but Should Do

It’s 8 AM in the morning, you are in a mood to cook some delicious pancakes for yourself. But you want to try out a new recipe this time. That’s not a problem as long as Google Home is there for you. You eat your breakfast and now you’re on your way to work. But, what about your home’s security?

I mean, with a smart speaker, someone’s always home to take care of it. If Google Home is going to sit at your home all day long, it can at least report any suspicious activity – like window breaking, when you’re not at home.

It’s just a thought!

Google home mini

In Essence

A smart AI device like Google Home doesn’t necessarily under-perform. But, oftentimes, there is a wifi-error, its microphone doesn’t hear you, your voice is not clear enough for it to understand your command, or other connectivity errors can occur that don’t let you communicate with it.

Despite your Google Home isn’t working properly, there are easy fixes to make it work again. One of the easy peezy fixes is shared above.

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