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November 26, 2020 by Blog

The Benefits of Dark Themes in Mobile Apps

Have you ever tried dark themes in mobile apps? Most popular apps have supplemental dark theme modes and there’s a reason behind it.

The fact that dark themes themselves are becoming quite popular among millennials also gives it a marketing angle. By having a dark theme mode on your mobile app, you’re actually marketing your mobile app to a large chunk of millennials.

The Inception of Dark Themes in Mobile Apps:

Dark modes are a recent thing. The earliest highly relevant statement regarding dark modes was made by Google in 2018, where they accepted that dark mode saved up battery life on android. Since then we see a continuous trend of companies following up on dark themes and their implementation on mobile apps. Another great example is YouTube, the platform has a dark mode and is used by a majority of people on their phones as streaming is much less strenuous to the eyes in this mode.

Why the need for Dark Theme in Mobile Apps?

Forget about why millennials love dark theme in mobile apps due to its aesthetics or personal preference. The fact that Dark themes exist is because that individual pixels in a phone, be it android or iPhone reduce battery load in the color black. This holds true for all types of displays including OLED, CRT & LCD. The darker color of schemes is easier on pixels. According to one estimate, whiter color schemes take up more than 3 times of energy or battery load as compared to darker schemes. One of the most practical benefits of using darker themes is that it can prolong battery life.

Here’s a Bar Chart that depicts electricity usage of themes and brightness.

This one of the major reasons why app developers are providing the option of a darker theme mode. It not only increases battery life but it is less strenuous on the eyes as well.

Benefits of Dark Mode and some Disadvantages:

Dark themes in mobile apps certainly do have some benefits but it goes without saying that there will be some disadvantages for the user as well. Of course, this blog is all about the benefits of dark mode while having a brighter mode as well.


Reduces Eye Strain:

As mentioned before, dark mode reduces eye strain and it’s easier to stream or use apps for longer duration as compared to while using them in a brighter mode. Eye strain can be extremely uncomfortable, however with darker mode this can be controlled.

Reduces Battery Load and Increases Battery Life:

Battery usage is one of the most primary concerns of users. Brighter themes tend to drain out battery much faster as compared to darker themes. According to one estimate, white color drains out nearly 3 times load as compared to black or grey.


Darker themes have gotten a lot of prominences ever since YouTube introduced one in 2019. Millennials love darker elements and in order to maintain the aesthetics of their phone, they prefer dark theme modes on all their apps.



Some people have the opinion that darker themes have low readability as compared to brighter themes. Reading longer text for longer durations is harder as compared to reading under brighter themes. The fact is that your UI should be balanced for optimal performance and readability should be tried to maintain in both themes. But we can’t ignore the very nature of these two colors, as one is opposite of the other. Hence, there will be a difference in readability for sure.

Using it Wrong:

This isn’t exactly a disadvantage of dark theme in mobile apps but it shows how people just prefer the color dark. Dark themes were introduced primarily so that eye strain could be reduced. Also, dark themes are naturally supposed to be used in content that’s rich and doesn’t require a lot of reading. Like if you’re watching Netflix or YouTube. So, the disadvantage is that users just have all their apps on dark mode without realizing they’re making their life harder.

In a Nutshell:

Dark themes in mobile apps are essential for your mobile application. This can be viewed from multiple angles as there are benefits of dark mode that go beyond just aesthetics, if you even consider that a benefit. It’s time to get your app a darker mode so that your users can reap the benefits of darker theme modes. Get in touch with Nextbridge today and we’ll hook you with our finest developers!



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