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November 24, 2020 by Blog

Customer Experience: The Quest for Success

How to thrive in your quest for success? It’s not your services or products; it’s your customer’s experience. Your customers are more powerful than your products. You can’t market without a focus on the customer experience. Your consumers care for a promise, personalized solutions, and connected experiences. Are you up for this experiment? Is your website ready to deliver these experiences?

“Every single interaction, the most minute details of the interaction you have with your customer, are an opportunity for you to create something remarkable.”

Joey Coleman

On the word to a study conducted by McKinsey, customers desire personalized practices. 70% of buying experiences reply on customer treatment. By definition, ‘customer experience is the perception that customers have of your organization after an interaction.’ Perception, although is a critical word to use because every user’s perception and degree of understanding can be unique. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then experience is in the eye of the beholder too.

It’s not what you can do as a company, or your employees assume about what they do. It’s how your customers think.

Customer Experience is Successful Customer Interaction

Interaction in general means dealings, collaboration, communication – customer interaction specifically means your potential customers’ contact with your product/service. Always remember, interaction is not singular, it’s always plural. Your customer will keep on networking with you based on his first experience. Every interaction brings you a chance to communicate more and more, an opportunity to delight them and increase their retention and advocacy.

Consumers have high hopes from you and if your solutions are floppy, that trust won’t be there and they will break the deal with you. Do you believe that the customer experience ends with a qualified sale? Think again. It doesn’t end with a sale but it starts with the sale. Your customers continue to seek improvements and expect you to keep on building their trust and serve innovative practices.

We have seven golden rules to offer to help you speedily earn your audiences’ faith and expand customer experience:

  1. Express gratitude, treat your customer like they deserve to be treated
  2. Sympathize in response to their complaints
  3. Be contentious when you can’t solve a problem
  4. Be transparent and don’t try to hide; communication is the key
  5. Ask for their feedback
  6. Build an emotional connection, surprise them by sending feedback surveys
  7. Make the services less painful
  8. Communicate like a human, with a smile. A smile can earn you trust

Customer Experience: Being customer-centric

What is a customer-centric approach? Today’s customer is quite smart; he’s aware of multiple options as competitors are all geared up to offer help. Customer-centricity is not a new concept; it’s a word you have been using for ages. It’s progressively being used as a digital marketing approach. The question arises: what does it mean to be customer-centric?

Most of the businesses put their clients at the center with a realization that by putting consumers first they can generate more business value. But, don’t accept it as a tactic but as a concept, grasp it like a mission, a promise to give a customer-centric customer experience.

The latest research reveals that organizations that count on a customer-centric approach deliver higher revenues and earn bigger profits.

The Customer Experience strategy

“A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all.”

Michael LeBoeuf

Do you want a good customer experience strategy, but don’t know how to develop one? Don’t worry if there’s nowhere to go about it. It’s natural to vision your end goals clear as a white cloud, but still be uncertain of how to get there.

How unfortunate it is that only 8-10 percent of the organization focus on exceptional customer experience and the rest have mistaken themselves into the belief that the customer is taken care of.

We are sharing some artless practices as a guide for you to offer some help to your customer who wants to be heard. Let’s get on with it! For the sake of clarity, CX is just another term used for customer experience so don’t confuse yourself.

To explain the customer experience framework in simple words, you just need to go through the stages one by one and see how it can bring an uprising into your customer’s perception of your business.

  1. Before you begin with the process, involve higher management. Once they are convinced then develop an in-depth understanding of who your target market is to map out their journey
  2. Collect the initial feedback, ask the right question, and that design a survey. Talk to your staff on how changes can be implemented based on gathered information
  3. Use the Five whys: there was an issue on the site, why? A bug encountered, why? The testing team didn’t perform well, why? The solutions are yet to be offered, why?
  4. In this step, you monitor the impact of changes. It is undeniably an on-going process. Keep on working until you get there!

In a Nutshell

Forming a customer experience strategy can be a difficult task for those who are new to it. But, we would like to take a chance to help you place your customer experience strategy within days to build an enjoyable experience for your potential customers.

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