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November 12, 2021 by Blog

Could Self-taught Programmers Have Job Endangerment?

Nowadays companies prefer skills and experiences to college degrees. There have been numerous cases where self-taught programmers have been hired by reputable companies but their tenure wasn’t long and they failed to cope up with the working dynamics.

Being a self-taught programmer requires consistency, dedication, and a long-term commitment to being skillful at something which others seek professional help to become one. It’s indeed a milestone to achieve. All those years of hard work, meeting with constant failure, and at the end to fully grasping the field is a rewarding experience.

However, when these self-taught programmers are terminated we are quick to judge the companies for their double standards. But not always giving ‘benefit of the doubt works.

So let’s explore key signs together to know some potential job endangerments:

Writing Sloppy Code

When you’ve trained yourself in the field of programming chances are you’re trying your best to push the code to completion. While doing so it will be your number one priority to just write the code and check the logic base. During this flow, you forget there are some key standards to writing code efficiently and which speak quality.

Self-taught Programmer

Here are some pointers that companies need in your code:

  1. Reliability
  2. Error-free
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Re-usable
  5. Free of complexity
  6. It should have all the necessary elements for a developer to review and read your code like indentation, comments & function names

Resistance Towards Advancements

It should be crystal clear to every developer to update their knowledge of newer frameworks and languages. Whenever a technology stack is upgraded it might be crashing in its previous version or new features are to be launched. Hence, it is necessary.

Companies expect their developers to have a solid grasp on the latest advancements so that newer projects can be tackled by taking full advantage of modern approaches.

If a developer doesn’t truly possess the flexibility to upgrade his knowledge then this triggers the management and they start looking for resources who are competent enough to do so.

The Lone Wolf

Self-taught programmers have a knack for being their bosses when it comes to working. This impairs their ability to collaborate with a team. It is quite obvious that companies now don’t encourage teamwork but it’s a straight-up necessity due to the hectic project nature.

Even if you’re a full-stack self-taught programmer you’ll have to sync with a team and collaborate in different departments. In a team structure, your work is checked by others as well which can be a great learning curve for you. Moreover, work is divided into parts that lower your responsibility levels. The lone wolf act will only make a developer anxious, exhausted, and more prone to mistakes.

Self taught vs college programmer

But if you’ve made up your mind of ghosting out everyone then you might as well start looking for a job elsewhere because companies demand their resources to comply with a team structure.

Self-taught programmers are great but nothing can beat experienced professionals. Nextbridge has one of the best developers who’ll work on your project as dedicated resources. Just think about it: a dedicated developer working on your project head-on heels to push it to completion plus the great thing about this model is that you get the chance to pick a developer of your choice so that the best meets your project requirements. You won’t ever have to worry about icing your project again!

Hire a dedicated developer

Failure to Meet Expectations

Reputable companies will provide you with all the necessary material to make your job easier. Being a new employee your manager and team leaders will help you understand the technology stack and codebase which the company will be working on. After a certain training period, the role for which you’re hired, your manager would wholeheartedly expect you to not only meet performance expectations but to excel further on.

There is a certain limit to which you’re obliged. If you do not own up to your position the management will without a doubt terminate you.

Pouring Doubts

It can be hard to work in an environment where the people around you have a professional degree and you secure the job through skill and experience. The constant doubts that pile up ‘if I’m good enough’ can put a damper on your performance. A constant overwhelming feeling cannot let you work in peace.

Inferiority complex is common amongst self-taught programmers which freezes their capabilities and takes the best of them. Successful self-taught programmers remain confident and are fearful no matter what.

All in All

Being a self-taught programmer is a big achievement in your professional career. It truly showcases your commitment and priority levels. However, the competition is cutthroat in the market. If you truly can be a self-starter you need to abide by the rules.

To thrive in a corporate environment you need the element of consistency and the core dedication to push projects to completion. Self-taught programmers tend to remain in their comfort zone and stick to their learning curve, this is where the job endangerment comes into play.

You’ve done what most couldn’t, which is to learn without dependency! So now take full advantage of the leverage given to you.

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