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March 11, 2021 by Blog

How Engineers Can Optimize Computer Ergonomics for Productivity

Do you know what computer workstation ergonomics are?

It’s a term that has become quite relevant in today’s world as our lives revolve around sitting in front of a computer or a laptop. Productivity and ergonomics are two terms that are quite relevant with each other and it’s something that we all need to take into account. Ergonomics is a vast field and has various implications in today’s corporate world. In simple terms we can define it as, “The study of people’s efficiency in their working environment”. You can see why productivity is interlinked with ergonomics and why the field is highly relevant to today’s corporate structure.

Computer Workstation Ergonomics

Improving workstation ergonomics isn’t just good for an employee’s health but it’s actually necessary for the office as well. Productivity and ergonomics go hand in hand and if you want to improve computer workstation ergonomics, then it’s high time you improve the ergonomics through the following ways:

1. The Working Posture

The number one element in increasing computer workstation ergonomics is that a good working posture can largely improve workstation ergonomics. Sitting postures are relevant to your health as well and can change the very dynamics of how things are done. The keyword here is a neutral body position with a posture that is relaxed. One should be able to sit or stand in a way where there are zero stressful angles or excessive reaching in terms of completing a task.

A general rule could be that employees when sitting on a workstation should sit with hands, wrists and forearms that are within the line and parallel to a floor. The head is obviously a part of the posture and one’s head should be in level facing forward with no turn to the left or right.

Here’s a depiction.

The Working Posture

2. Environmental Setting

One of the essential things when it comes to ergonomics is that environmental settings are very important. Environment is often overlooked in terms of ergonomics but it remains highly relevant in order to really churn out a productive environment. Some of the common things in an environment setting could be taking into account lighting, humidity, convenience and even temperature. A common example could be the lighting that is used can totally change the way you type without putting strain on your eyes. Yes, the number one condition still remains a good posture.

Environmental Setting

3. Adjustable Chairs and Desks

A good posture is relevant to chairs and desks that are provided to the employees. A neutral body position requires adjustable chairs and desks. This can be best provisioned with the help of adjustable chairs and desks as ergonomics are different for everyone. All of us have different body dimensions and hence adjustability would be good for maintaining that posture. Companies should definitely invest in furniture that is able to support rather than reduce productivity.

Adjustable Chairs and Desks

In a Nutshell

Computer workstation ergonomics isn’t just limited to the above three things. It’s a wide field and has proven to be quite effective in terms of making productivity of employees higher and healthier.