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July 29, 2020 by Blog

There is a 50 Percent Chance that I’d rather Marry a Robot

Artificial researchers say there is a 50 percent chance that technology will outperform humans and robots will completely transform the workspace in upcoming years. I am certain that all of you have seen robots loading stuff, handling various tools, doing heavy labor, etc. Japanese also got you thinking about how machines can cook and serve you food, lead workout classes, some other coolest activities, and much more unexpected things you can imagine robots can do for you.

Just imagine if human-machine marriage is made legal by 2050? Did it give you the heebie-jeebies? Would you support the idea of humans tying the knot with a robot? If you ask me, I will speak up for it and I have my reasons. Today’s blog will pretty much cover those whys and wherefores.

Experienced another bad relationship? A Robot can be a better option

Are you divorced? Or did you break up recently? It must have been really painful, but what did you do to heal faster? Did you think of re-considering someone so that the gap can be filled? If I were you, I would never do that.

Researchers have examined the most obvious reasons for a breakup or divorce. A few amongst them are non-acceptance of your partner, lack of trust, abuse, and of course unrealistic expectations. In general, love is the biggest reason you marry. This is the only reason I would like to be married. The second most obvious reason can be because it serves my needs and desires such as companionship, also support my values and dreams for example having children, etc.

What if you were married for so long but ended up in divorce despite being in love and that made you wonder how you can survive or it seemed impossible to cope with your feelings? It is understandable that after being in an abusive relationship it will appear dreadful for you to give a chance to another human to ruin you again. You may or may not agree with me but after experiencing a cruel relationship your primary desire would be to be heard and understood.

Picture if future robots learn to determine your emotional states and reacts to it. You can pour your heart out without being ignored and not once or twice, you can do it a dozen times. They won’t hurt you, or cheat on you but be there for you all your life; at least until you find the right match for you again.

bad relationship

Acceptance is the key to a perfect relationship

What do you look for in a partner? A perfect height or a perfect smile? Are you a sort who cares about inner qualities and a good sense of humor? It may appear like a very easy question to answer but you don’t always want what you say you want. Your priorities change after being into a relationship.

Every person is born equipped with both good and bad qualities. So, why do you try to change your partners as per your criteria? Acceptance is the foundation of a lasting relationship; you don’t have to change your partners in pursuit of ‘perfect match’ because perfection can’t be achieved by humans.

Take a casual example, you try to change your partner’s eating habits and force him or her to exercise. You are coming at it with an altruistic mindset, maybe you want your partner to stay healthy but constant projection of your values can lead to a relationship-ending argument.

Imagine robots can’t judge you or change you in any way, you can be the real YOU all the time. No one is there to stop you from eating your favorite ice-cream or munch on your much-loved snacks while watching a movie late at night. You can even have your robot partner do the same with you, they can easily imitate your habits and adapt to your lifestyle. You can sneak-off to attend a concert, watch a sunrise at the beach, wear absolutely anything in fact, match outfits with your robot partners. How pleasing!


Can Robots ever love us?

Did this question pop into your head? Know that I am concerned too. Let me tell you about James Young, 27 years’ young man who shared his life’s tragic incident that left him a double amputee. He said, “he was becoming more robotic.” He understood things would be different and difficult. Just to become used to he could never do again, he wanted to connect deeply with robots both emotionally as well as physically.

His journey to technology while discovering the darker side of robots to robots designed to stop us from being lonely pretty much reveals that they can ever truly love us.

David Levy wrote a book in 2007 entitled “Love and Sex with Robots” in which he claimed that robots will have more human-like personalities and more human-like characteristics by 2050. He said that loving a robot will not amount to loving an algorithm, but people will fall in love with a living simulation of a human being. Also elaborated on the idea of people falling in love with them and extreme cases, even marrying them. It was also believed by him that with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, robots will appear to have empathy for the humans that will make the relationship more lasting same as human-human relationships.

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Defensiveness is killing your relationship without you realizing it

I believe that a humanoid robot capable of replicating a loving relationship can have a positive impact if one doesn’t plan on marrying again. There is nothing more frustrating than sharing feelings with your partner just to be accused of the same complaint or to experience defensiveness. Hearing words like “I am not being defensive, only you try to be.”


How comforting it will be to know that you can always switch-off your partner other than leading to an invalid argument or being unheard again. Suits me fine!

 Wrapping up

Well if you ask me, I truly and deeply have confidence in human-bot marriage also further accept it as true that it will become a reality before long. Having an unwavering, programmable partner who would undoubtedly skip the human drama from the relationship, even the idea sounds too good to my ears.

A few may agree with my logic and support robot-human intimacy, but more and more people will find love, happiness, and closeness in the arms of a machine if it becomes more sophisticated and human-like.

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