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November 19, 2020 by Blog

“7 hours sleep” is killing your career

For how many hours do you sleep in a day? It comes highly recommended to complete 7 hours sleep in order to maintain a healthy balance between sleep and productivity. There are so many apps such as the best sleep tracker apps and free sleep tracking apps that can help you to attain a peaceful sleep.

Are you an insomniac? Are you someone who needs meditation to sleep? To attain a healthy sleep cycle, you can use amazing apps. It’s no hoax, and we have proof. With the world going at a very fast pace, we hardly get the time to sit in silence and think about the sleep cycle. It seems such a trivial thing at first but we can gain more by maintaining our sleep cycle than we would ever get by making endless plans and strategies.

Hey you, yes you sleepy head! Don’t yawn…

We are just getting started!

There is more to come and the very first thing is to try to know more about this “7 hours sleep.” Do we really need it or are we programmed enough to not think the other way? Well, whatever the answer is, we think it’s really not the way. Let’s go realistically about it!

The Myth they sold us – 7 hours sleep

We are not here to give you another pep talk, let’s just agree to disagree that people can post anything for the sake of impressions, engagements, and views. But, we wanted to get the facts check and to leverage the sleep cycle to get the most out of our day.

If sleeping was the way to get access, trust me. I’d be a millionaire by now, but that isn’t the case with so many successful leaders and those leading multibillion-dollar companies. They sleep early, but they wake up early too. So, we carefully read about the lives of great leaders, CEOs, and CFOs. It appears it’s not about sleeping for 7 hours, it’s something totally different.

Don’t fret!

You’d know as you go along. But the first thing to keep you going, let us tell you they don’t focus on the hours of sleep, they focus on the quality of sleep. Quality of sleep is achieved with the help of a clear mind, focus, and giving yourself time to stop once in a while.

But why do we think that it’s running your career? Well, by now you know that we are not against the very concept and idea to get “7 hours sleep.” But it is not set in stone!

How 7 hours of the sleep cycle is ruining your career?

It’s medically proven that getting lesser hours of sleep such as only dozing off for 2-3hours can lead you to sleep deprivation and can even kill you. Yes, it seems terrifying but researches have shown that adults get to sleep deeply for less than 3 hours or a maximum of 2 hours. This can lead you to nervous system breakdown, visual perception is distorted and you can experience memory loss. You can feel dizzy, lethargic, and even stressed at times.

You are sitting in the office on a Friday evening, just trying to meet your deadlines and complete the remaining tasks. Instantly, you remember, that you have to get back home early in order to finish your other plans. So many things on your mind will not only influence the quality of work, but they will also stress you to a point that you will sleep late. So once you do, you will wake up late and suddenly you realize it’s Sunday evening!

Good Lord!

Now, you will have to face the nightmare of the call Monday. But do you know, how can you save yourself from all this? Fixing one thing! Don’t sleep for 7 hours, that will make you lazy and unproductive at work. Just get quality sleep, and you will feel powered and energized at work.

So, don’t stay awake after 1am, that is when a new day has started. It’s when, you have to get those peaceful moments. That’s what “circadian rhythms” are all about and it shows your body is influenced by the external environment and factors such as light. It’s how your body is reacting and meanwhile responds to it.

circadian rythms

So, as we said earlier that most of the successful leaders wake up at 4 am and around these very times. It’s a clever trick and that keeps them active throughout the day. So, when we asked Google, it gave us the same answer. You can see it for yourself! So, we connected the dots that there is a whole science behind it, and hence the Genius remains genius for a reason.

You can be one of these people too, but you have to fix it whether it’s sleep or resetting your schedule to get quality sleep. We know it’s as cliched as it sounds that “Health is Wealth.”

A night of good quality sleep is better than even REM sleep, but it doesn’t have to be necessarily 5 hours of sleep. Because, once you sleep, your creative side is at work leading you to more productivity and relaxation. Here is a little view of your brain when you are fast asleep vs. when you are awake.

Take a look!

Can you beat it? Rise above!

Do you know? We all have an “Internal clock.” This means that we have this psychological system and an inbuilt alarm system that can help us wake up at the time we want to. It’s incredible, to say the least because we all need alarm clocks and setup so many alarms to wake up in the morning. It’s crazy and not because you are unable to achieve the so-called target of “7 hours sleep.” It’s because you don’t have good sleep quality.

Gather those soundproof pillows and headsets and sleep for 5 hours, and you will know. It was always about setting your priorities right by taming that beast that reigns your whole body and that is your brain.

So can you train that brain of yours? While we are at it, let’s find out.

Take the Next Step- Build the Best Sleep Tracker App!

What can you do about the 7 hours sleep cycle? Unravel the secret behind 7 hours of sleep to get back on track. As we know that you have to get your quality sleep whether it’s 4-5 or 6 hours. But it should be deep sleep without interruptions and without any social media usage. It’s the rule, and you gotta follow!

But we all need a shoulder to lean on once in a while. There are many apps popular at the moment but you can always build your own app if you have an idea.

So what’s the best app idea that you are keeping on hold? We always admire people who have great ideas and who are always in search of ideas to change the world. So what’s yours? Let’s figure it out together.

Two heads are always better than one, right?

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