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October 2, 2020 by Blog

6 Ways to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Phishing is considered to be one of the oldest tricks used by hackers and those doing the devil’s work. How do companies prevent these phishing attacks? The reason everybody seems to be talking about data privacy is because of the risks related to data breaches. The thought of losing confidential data to these scammers is scary.

It is reported that almost 62% of companies have experienced cyber-attacks. Most of these companies are IT companies, financial institutions, small online businesses, and even educational institutions.

What are phishing attacks? How do they impact you?

Cybersecurity is a great concern for many companies and organizations, who are managing their data at one centralized place. There is a greater thing at stake rather than just digital assets. It put’s the credibility of an organization at stake.

It is important to act vigilantly and if solutions, because there are many ways to conduct this fraudulent activity. To save your organization, business, and personal information from these target hackers. You can adapt the best practices for the prevention of phishing attacks. But first, you have to know about the kind of attacks that one can expect, and then avoid those to curtail the risk.

5 Common Types of phishing – Stay Alert to prevent phishing attacks

It happens that many people fall victim to phishing attacks because they happen in such a subtle way. So be very cautious and here are some of the types:

  1. Email Phishing to mimic different organizations and maligning their name to get all important information.
  2. Spear phishing is used in a very basic way to ask information such as name, job title, and address, etc.
  3. Whaling is also the most common criminal act used by these hackers. So the next time you receive an unusual call or email asking about social security number or tax details, beware!
  4. Smishing/ Vishing includes the phishing attack by sending criminal messages and making a phone call to steal information comes under the Vishing.
  5. Angler Phishing is the way to get sensitive data and information. If you see an ad asking you to install or download software. Stay on your toes, it might be Bad News. It can be URLs, cloned websites, unusual tweets, and phishing posts.

Don’t feel intimated by all these scammers, because there is always a better way to resolve and prevent them beforehand. So we have got some Red Flags, that you can use these to detect these phishing attacks.

6 best ways to prevent phishing attacks

  1. Rule of thumb – Never disclose or share your confidential data, financial information, and documents with anyone via email. Stealing information and data through email scams is common than you think!
  2. Keep an eye on the browser updates, because most of the secured and popular browsers keep their security in check. The latest security practices can help you to prevent phishing attacks.
  3. You have to use firewalls such as desktop firewalls and network firewalls to detect and prevent these phishing attacks at the same time. Do you know? You can create your own firewall to avoid any scam and unwanted situation.
  4. Use authentic antivirus software, as it will scan everything from the computer files to downloads. Antivirus enables you to efficiently protect your system, but you have to be on the look for malware software.
  5. Avoid the unnecessary Pop-ups
  6. Don’t click on the fishy links that you receive in emails. There are some people who send you inciting emails to click on the link and go on a certain website. Don’t fall for that trap if you want to avoid phishing attacks. It has caused financial losses for people, who can steal information like bank passcodes and digital assets. Are your assets secure?

Wrap up “The Phish” – Prevent Phishing Attacks

There are different solutions to combat cybersecurity attacks, security threats, and data breaches. Data privacy is your best line of defense. To navigate data privacy, you can create unique solutions for different types of cyberattacks.

If you have any queries related to the data management system. Do you need a secure solution to avoid these cyber attacks and to prevent phishing attacks? Well, don’t worry, Nextbridge has got your back.

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