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August 19, 2020 by Blog

5 Amazing Internet History Facts they didn’t tell you

This article intends to unveil the top five amazing internet history facts your elders probably did not tell you. Let’s get straight to it.

What do you think is the most important invention in the history of mankind? Do you also believe that the wheel is the greatest invention of all times? Let’s look at it again as it needs a little revision.

Many people think that the wheel perhaps is the biggest creation of hominids. Without a doubt, it is one of the oldest, and a world without them cannot be imagined. But don’t you think arguably only the internet is the best invention of all time?

The internet has revolutionized the computer and has upgraded the level of communication; you can straightway engage with anybody on the planet. You can get masses of information; a simple search displays thousands of relevant useful sources in front of you within seconds.

What is it that you cannot learn from the internet? With literally billions of people using it, you can learn almost anything and connect with any soul you like.

So, let’s take a walk through some amazing internet history facts that you probably didn’t know.


1- Bizarrely, the first web camera was created to keep an eye on coffee levels

This is truly one of the top internet history facts to share with you.

Back in 1991, when you could only do text messages, they invented the world’s first web camera.

Computer scientists from Cambridge University conceived the video camera with a purpose to only monitor how much coffee was left in the container. Seems like they were extreme caffeinator!

coffee levels

What is the weirdest thing you have recorded with a webcam?

2- Neither Friendster nor Myspace was the first social networking sites was the first social networking site developed in the year 1997. Back then, it was the most exclusive ‘invite-only’ site where you’d meet people based on your interests.

six degrees

Later, it was procured by YouthStream Media Networks in December 1999 for $125 million. Just to inform, the social site is still active with over three billion active users universal.

3- Top Internet History Fact: When was the spam mail first used?

Interestingly, spam mail also known as junk mail was not even called Spam until the early 1990s. SPAM was a brand name for “canned cooked pork” by Hormel Food Corporation in 1937.

Did you not know about this top internet history fact? Well, you know now!

The first spam email was sent by a man known as Gary Thuerk on May 3rd, 1978. The email was delivered to 393 recipients on ARPANET with the sole purpose to advertise the availability of a new model of Digital Equipment Corporation computers.

4- The first internet meme was “Baby Cha-cha-cha”

For all meme-lovers out there, did you know this top internet history fact?

Michael Girard who was a graphic designer wanted to show that certain movements could be proposed via computers. Just to show it off, he designed a demo video in the year 1996 in which a 3D baby was dancing. Michael sent it around to other developers, who later, turned it into a GIF.

So, dancing baby was the first meme that went viral on the internet.

 baby cha cha

5- The ultimate power of one second

  • 63,000 searches per second are made on Google.
  • 9083 tweets are sent every second.
  • A total of 1008 Instagram photos are added per second.
  • 1740 pictures are posted on Tumblr in one second.
  • 4857 video/audio calls are made on Skype per second.

Internet is one of the most progressing technologies of the world, there are undoubtedly hundreds on internet history facts that can leave you amazed.

Did you not learn some amazing internet history facts today? Can bet you did!

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