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July 27, 2020 by Blog

10 Incredible Examples of AI use for the Betterment of the World

Companies are always on the look for futuristic investment. Nowadays, we hear a lot about machine learning and AI ( artificial intelligence). So we thought that since everyone is going crazy about these awesome technologies, that will change the world. Why not explore a little more about its real-world applications?

We all want to make the world a little better for future generations to come. Before moving onto the examples of how artificial intelligence is changing the game. You can stay ahead in the competition if you have a company or you want to launch a new business, so explore new possibilities for you in this area and adapt these changing market trends.

The Unstoppable Power of AI

Technology has made it’s way deeper into our lives that everything in our lives is influenced by it. From the way we work, eat, learn, travel, and entertain, and so on. You can see it thriving all around you from your own personal voice assistant living in your phone like Siri and Alexa to Artificial Intelligence Chatbots that provide you human-like experience. There is no area that has not been impacted by the wonders of AI from DNA testing to self-driving cars. It’s like AI is helping us become more powerful with the knowledge that is incorporating more and more into our existing capabilities.

As a company that provides technology-based solutions and services, we understand that the world is shifting towards AI-based solutions. Upon exploring the current advancements and examples of artificial intelligence in the real world. We came across various researches, but the most eye-catching was the one published by Forbes.


Top 10 AI Examples for the better future of the world

As the modern world evolves, its demands also change with the situations. Therefore, we have decided to list some of the top applications and examples of why AI is the future. Although, the world has progressed due to all the labor of human efforts. But it also resulted in complex challenges as a result of those solutions. As they say, there is no free lunch. So, the best way is to use that very technology to bring goodness into the world.

If you are someone who is looking to hire an AI Developer or want to explore more into the realm of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning. Well, here are some of the top real-world examples of AI:

  1. The Healthcare sector is also getting the best from AI, as deep learning algorithms are utilized to identify cancer and conduct screening. It is used to analyze and predict diseases. The existing data is predicted to help AI in the development of useful drugs and provide better healthcare services.
  2. You must have heard that in order to save the planet and food supply, we need to save the bees. Do you know there is The World Bee Project especially dedicated to this issue and how we can use data to help bees survive? Now we can utilize that data with the additional help of IoT, update it on the cloud, and run the analysis with AI. Identify the patterns to help bees in real-time.
  3. AI can help people with special needs, the word “disabilities” is also used for technical terms. Anyhow, take a glimpse of what’s happening to make it a little easier. Mobile apps translating words into sign language with kids with hearing needs. It can also identify vision-related disorders. Recently an app was launched that reads the face emotion and translates it into sounds, to convey any message.
  4. One of the biggest challenges that the world is facing at large is climate change. AI has great potential to help the world in predicting climate change and educating. The power of algorithms to use different data models and prevent any future damage with preventive measures. You can develop apps to track climate changes and what to do about it.
  5. With the help of AI, you can detect the number of animals, birds, and other species. To preserve the wildlife, it is important to utilize the existing data. Drones can be used in this experiment with machine learning to collect data and create a log of all the wildlife.
  6. AI applications are already in use to preserve food and warn the world about any challenges related to nutrition. The role of machine learning and Big data is vital in identifying risks related to food shortages with the use of existing data. Moreover, a lot can be done to help improve crops, seed development, and maximizing the yield results and profits.
  7. It cannot be denied that there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. In order to lessen this inequality, the data centers, and research departments are using AI analysis to predict poverty indicators in different regions and how to provide financial aid. IBM’s initiatives to end poverty and illiteracy with help AI (machine learning) are commendable and in practice.
  8. In this world where fake news has become a nightmare with a storm of information is hitting the world every other day. Natural language processing and machine learning can aid in identifying fake words, facial patterns to help find out the truth. Companies like Facebook are currently using this and it is on the surge. So next time if someone publishes a fake article for clickbait, will get ready to be penalized and lose credibility.
  9. Siemens healthcare is making significant progress in the medical technology field. It has already developed innovative solutions using AI for support reading of medical reports and to assess medical images. For example, an AI companion can assess the data that includes lab reports, images, and genetics to suggest any potential steps.
  10. Security and safety are not only limited to devices that can detect robbery or theft. Now AI is also integrated to predict earthquakes, storms, and aging infrastructure issues. You can find AI applications in banking, healthcare, and education when it comes to safety solutions.

After going through different AI solutions and examples, it can be said that it solely depends on us, how we want to lead with the technological tools at our disposal.

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